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Treatment of fractures with shock wave therapy



Treatment of fractures with shock wave therapy

Most bone fractures are healed (consolidated, fused) in 4-6 months, or at least radiological signs of progressive fusion are determined on a series of radiographs. If the fracture has not healed by this time, then we are talking about delayed consolidation or poor fusion of the bone fracture.

Pseudoarthrosis ("ununited fracture") - interruption of the fracture healing process. Fibrous or cartilaginous tissue forms between the main fragments of the fracture and therefore, even after 6-8 months, the fracture does not heal.

The causes of delayed consolidation and, accordingly, non-union of bone fracture and pseudarthrosis are:


These factors predispose to the onset of pseudarthrosis, but do not cause it by themselves.

The division into delayed consolidation of bone fracture, bone nonunion and pseudoarthrosis is used as a basis for planning the treatment process. It must be emphasized that prevention is always better than cure!

Therapeutic measures for bone fractures (fusion of bone fractures) consist of reposition, firm fixation of the fragments for the entire period of fusion and auxiliary treatment methods (physiotherapy, physiotherapy, massage, etc.) aimed at restoring the functional usefulness of the injured limb. The word "auxiliary" here does not diminish their importance and in some cases are just as important in restoring the integrity of the bone as surgical treatment.

Fixation of bone fragments is achieved by using conservative immobilization, as well as by surgical techniques.

Fusion of bone fractures with shock wave therapy

Treatment of fractures with shock wave therapy

Currently, a real breakthrough in the fusion of bone fractures is radial shock wave therapy, which intensively stimulates neoangiogenesis (the growth of new vessels - for the first time in medicine!) and osteogenesis (the process of bone tissue formation) in the fracture area.

Shockwave therapy significantly accelerates the healing of long-term healing fractures.

We are very proud of the results of successful treatment of cases of long-term (including 8-year) non-union of fractures after serious injuries. In the Avatazh medical center, shock wave therapy is used as an independent method to accelerate the healing of fractures and to slow the healing of fractures. Sometimes three procedures are enough to produce calluses that are clearly visible on X-rays (see below). It should be noted that the presence of metal pins in a patient is not a contraindication for shock wave therapy in the treatment of a fracture (delayed union of fractures).

In our practice, ABSOLUTELY ALL patients received a positive result - bone fracture fusion! Read reviews of real patients of the Avatazh clinic about the method of shock wave therapy.


Examples of successful treatment

non-union of fractures of patients of the medical center "Awatage"

Case 1

Woman about 55 years old. One of the first patients of the Awatage medical center in Kiev in the treatment of delayed consolidation of fractures. I applied to the direction of the insurance company as the last opportunity to avoid the operation and, accordingly, significant financial costs for the insurance payment. The fracture did not heal for more than 8 months.

After 3 SWT procedures, the patient, to our surprise, brought an X-ray, which showed obvious signs of callus formation - fracture healing. Our orthopedic traumatologist recommended taking a picture a month after the treatment. This was the patient's personal initiative. The insurance company, in turn, managed to avoid the cost of financing the operation, and the patient avoided colossal health stress and a long recovery period with no guaranteed result. Shockwave therapy on the Belgian Gymna equipment completely restored the bone after the fracture.

лечение переломов костейBefore SWT treatment
лечение переломов костей ударно-волновой терапиейAfter three SWT procedures (callus formation started)


Case 2

Girl 15 years old (born in 2002), delayed fracture consolidation. Attending orthopedic traumatologists from the city hospital insisted on surgical intervention, but they were still sent to our Awatage medical center in Zaporozhye for shock wave therapy. Already after 4 sessions of shock wave therapy, a positive result was recorded - fusion (the first image "BEFORE" dated December 12, 2017, the second image "AFTER" dated January 4, 2018). After only three weeks, a callus began to form in the area of ​​the fracture, and the process of bone fusion began.

In this regard, the operating orthopedic traumatologists made a decision to cancel the operation and continue the sessions of shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center. Thus, the young patient managed to avoid surgery, significant financial costs and a long period of rehabilitation. The attending physicians and the girl's parents were extremely pleased with the result and possibilities of shock wave therapy in the treatment of nonunion fractures.

28575941_2055302034714177_2084878660922518295_nTreatment of fractures with shock wave therapy at the Avatazh medical center
Лечение переломов ударно-волновой терапией в медицинском центре "Аватаж"Treatment of fractures with shock wave therapy at the Avatazh medical center


Case 3

The result of treatment of delayed consolidation of the fracture of the humerus. The first image (BEFORE treatment) is dated July 18, 2014, the second (AFTER the SWT course) - September 27, 2014. The picture shows all the signs of complete healing of the fracture. It is important to note that metal structures are not a contraindication for shock wave therapy.

An experienced orthopedic traumatologist of the Awatage medical center, focusing on X-ray images, places the shock wave transmitter in such a way that it acts exclusively on the fracture site, bypassing the metal structure. In addition, these procedures are carried out using radial shock wave therapy devices, which by its form and properties excludes any traumatic consequences.

Лечение замедленной консолидации переломов ударно-волновой терапиейTreatment of delayed consolidation of fractures with shock wave therapy
Лечение замедленной консолидации переломов ударно-волновой терапиейTreatment of delayed consolidation of fractures with shock wave therapy