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Traumatology, orthopedics

Shock wave therapy in traumatology and orthopedics

(back pain, shoulder pain, heel pain, elbow pain)

Back pain, shoulder pain are symptoms of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system that accompany people of absolutely all age groups, however, as practice shows, the number of such diseases increases with age, and the effectiveness of their treatment decreases slowly but steadily. In most of these situations, shock wave therapy is the most effective treatment.

Shock wave therapy is one of the most effective methods for treating a large number of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, spine, joints, back pain, and shoulder pain. The SWT method has become an alternative to medications, surgeries, blockages, which has many side effects. Having studied the detailed information about the SWT method on our website, you probably noted for yourself that the treatment of certain diseases with shock waves is one of the most effective and progressive methods. That is why today people from all walks of life are turning to shock wave therapy. Back pain, shoulder pain, heel pain - these are symptoms that are a signal of the presence of disorders in the muscular system, spine, joints.

The SWT method has surpassed (proved to be much more effective) such traditional methods of treatment as:

Effects of shock wave therapy in the treatment of back pain, shoulder pain

Back pain treatment with shock wave therapy

It should be noted that in the treatment of back pain and other diseases from the field of traumatology, improvements are observed immediately after the first session, the effects increase, and the pain syndrome gradually disappears. The specialists of the Awatage medical center practice an individual approach to each patient and try to maximize the level of effectiveness of the procedures. However, in almost 99% of cases, there are:

Complete or almost complete elimination of the disease is achieved in just 3-6 sessions, each of which takes about 40 minutes (together with a doctor's consultation).

Indications for the use of shock wave therapy in traumatology

Treatment of pain in the heel (heel spur) with shock wave therapy

Shock wave therapy can be called a breakthrough in the treatment of a large number of diseases in the field of traumatology and orthopedics (in particular, pain in the back, shoulder, heel, etc.), therefore, for a long period of successful application of the method of treatment with extracorporeal shock waves, doctors have formed a list of indications to their application:

The mechanism of action of SWT

Shock wave therapy is considered the most effective non-invasive method of treating most diseases in the field of traumatology and orthopedics (including pain in the back, shoulder, heel), because the mechanism of its effect on the focus of the disease is that due to the effect of shock waves, the permeability of cell membranes changes. ...

Soft tissues, which are known to be 80% water, ideally transmit the shock (acoustic) wave energy, which, passing through the elastic membranes of cells, does not destroy them. Tightened due to edema, altered cell membranes resonate with the shock wave and, as a result, are destroyed.

Thus, we can observe the selective effect of shock waves inside the human body: healthy cells remain intact, sick (inflamed) cells are destroyed.

The patient should be aware that in the first sessions of shock wave therapy, mild pains may occur, similar to those that often occur during massage. You should not worry, because after a few sessions the pain disappears altogether. Shockwave therapy is in great demand precisely because it shows its tangible effectiveness in the shortest possible time.

Separately, it should be noted that the presence of metal pins in a patient is not a contraindication or an obstacle to shock wave therapy.

Treatment of arthrosis

Shock wave therapy is by far the most effective method of treating arthrosis without the use of medications, surgery, and any side effects. One of the main advantages of the SWT method in the treatment of arthrosis is that the acoustic wave, penetrating into the problem area, provokes the growth of new capillaries where they are absent - one of the main causes of this disease. Nutrition of cartilage and bone tissue due to improved blood circulation is the way to treat arthrosis.

Treatment of arthrosis (arthritis) is one of the leading directions in the Awatage medical center. We have very successful experience in getting rid of this problem at stages 1 and 2.