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The order of admission

Appointment at the medical center for shock wave therapy "Awatage"

The patient can receive preliminary information about the services provided, their cost, payment procedure, etc. at the clinic administrator by phone or when visiting the Awatage medical center. The patient makes an appointment with the clinic administrator for an initial examination and consultation with a doctor of the relevant specialty by phone or directly at the reception center.

The patient chooses the day and time of admission from the available free ones in agreement with the administrator. The patient comes to the doctor's appointment at the appointed time. If the patient cannot come at the appointed time, he must notify the administrator in advance. If the patient is more than 10 minutes late, the medical center for shock wave therapy "Awatage" reserves the right to cancel the appointment.

In the event of an unforeseen absence of a doctor and other emergency circumstances, the administrator immediately warns the patient about this by calling the contact phone number indicated by the patient. Patients who are in a state of alcoholic, drug or toxic intoxication, as well as those with obvious signs of a viral disease, are not treated; an appointment for acute pain and other emergencies is carried out as soon as the corresponding doctor is released. Reception of patients under 16 years old is carried out in the presence of parents or other legal representatives.

Patient reception

The patient enters the doctor's office or for the shock wave therapy procedure only at the invitation of the clinic staff - a doctor or administrator. The presence of persons accompanying the patient in the office is allowed only with the permission of the attending physician and subject to all his instructions.

During the initial examination, the doctor establishes a preliminary diagnosis (if possible), determines the diagnostic methods, volume, treatment plan and its approximate cost, which informs the patient in detail. Also, the patient is warned about possible complications during and after treatment. The results of the examination are recorded in the medical record, where the patient makes a written note of agreement with the proposed plan and conditions of treatment, as well as the cost of the work.

A prerequisite for starting treatment is the patient's voluntary consent to medical intervention, which is recorded in the medical record with the patient's personal signature. If the patient refuses medical intervention, the possible consequences are explained to him, which is drawn up in the medical record and signed by the patient.

In accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine, the process of providing medical services (assistance) is recorded in the corresponding medical documentation - an outpatient card. All medical documentation related to treatment is accountable and belongs to the Awatage medical center, however, the patient (his representative with duly issued authority) has the right to familiarize himself with it. All additional information carriers or their copies (X-rays, cardiograms, research results, conclusions by a specialist, etc.), which were used in the Awatage medical center to establish / confirm the diagnosis, control the process and quality of treatment and are entered in the patient's medical record even if they were made in other honey. institutions are an integral part of medical records that are permanently stored in the medical center.

The records in the medical record are brought to the attention of the patient and certified by the patient's signature, which means his agreement with the contents of the records (treatment plan, work done, referrals to other specialists, doctor's recommendations, possible complications, cost of treatment, guarantees, etc.). The medical record and the results of diagnostic studies (their copies) are its property and are stored in the registry.

Upon request, the patient is issued an extract from his outpatient card. If necessary, the patient can be referred to another medical center. an institution for conducting special studies, procedures or operations, including for obtaining x-rays, MRI, ultrasound, etc. In this case, the Avatazh medical center will prescribe the appropriate referral. A prerequisite for the treatment at the Awatage medical center is the patient's exact observance of all the doctor's prescriptions and recommendations, the treatment plan (the number of procedures and the interval between them, etc.), the passage of preventive examinations, compliance with the established level of physical activity and drinking regimen, control diagnostics, etc. The attending physician may refuse to observe and treat the patient in cases of non-compliance by the patient with the internal rules of the clinic.


Examination and procedures are paid based on the price list of medical center services. The conditions and cost of payment for treatment may vary depending on the various promotions and events. The cost of treatment (procedure / course) is determined according to the treatment plan drawn up by the doctor. The treatment plan is a rough estimate. If there is a need for changes in the treatment plan, the doctor warns the patient about this.
The patient pays for the therapeutic treatment after each appointment with the doctor for the manipulations performed during this visit at the rates of the price list valid at the time of payment. Advance payment for the course of treatment is possible in cases stipulated by the price list and individual promotional offers as agreed with the patient and the administration.
Payment for the services of the Avatazh medical center is made in UAH. Prices and price list structure may be adjusted. The patient is notified of price changes before the next appointment with the doctor. In case of prepayment, prices remain fixed for the entire treatment period.

Medical secret

Information about the patient's stay in the medical center of shock wave therapy "Awatage" (including personal data from questionnaires, medical records), the diagnosis made, medical interventions / procedures performed, etc., is a medical secret, so get acquainted with it can only be a patient or his legal representative having duly issued powers, as well as other persons in cases established by the legislation of Ukraine.

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