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Shock wave therapy in the treatment of prostatitis (CPPS)

Ударно-волновая терапия в лечении простатита

Shock wave therapy in the treatment of prostatitis (CPPS)

Prostatitis (CPPS - chronic pelvic pain syndrome - in Europe) is a well-known disease among the male population of Kiev and belongs to urology. Unfortunately, medicine does not give unambiguously clearly defined reasons that provoke the onset of non-infectious prostatitis. In the case of bacterial prostatitis, it is not difficult for an experienced urologist to prescribe a course of antibiotics and, after a few weeks, relieve the patient of the disease. In the case of congestive or chronic prostatitis, treatment may not proceed so quickly and effectively - often many men "live" with it for years and decades, maintaining a more or less normal state of health between seasonal exacerbations - spring and autumn.

From the name of the disease "congestive prostatitis" it is already possible to understand the cause of its occurrence - it is congestion in the prostate. Imagine a fine-mesh sponge filled with water - each microscopic particle of it contains a liquid. By clenching the sponge, you empty it, carrying out a kind of drainage, dipping it into the water - the sponge will absorb moisture again. The structure of a man's prostate is very similar to a sponge filled with prostate secretions. The causes of stagnant prostatitis are known to everyone and we will not dwell on them. It is more important to understand how to prevent or cure existing stagnant or chronic prostatitis in the future.

Doctors know that congestive or chronic prostatitis (CPPS) is one of the few diseases in medicine that has a very large list of various medicinal and physiotherapeutic methods of its treatment. Our medicine has "introduced" such a number of pills with their side effects into the protocols for the treatment of prostatitis in Kiev, which may lead to additional treatment in the future. One of the main problems in the treatment of prostatitis is the solution or elimination of stagnation in the prostate gland. Medicines help only partially and only during the period of their intake - as soon as the patient stops treatment - their effect stops. In addition, it is difficult for medicines to get into an organ in which metabolism is disturbed and there is no healthy capillary network. This applies not only to prostatitis, but also to many other diseases in traumatology, neurology, dermatology, cardiology, dentistry. But thanks to the introduction of shock wave therapy, this vicious circle has been broken.

In addition to eliminating the causes that provoke the onset of stagnant or chronic prostatitis, the correct method of treatment is also needed. Shock wave therapy (SWT) is an effective treatment for prostatitis.

Thanks to the unique effects of shock wave therapy, which are even used in cardiology in the treatment of coronary heart disease, it has become much easier for urologists to "fight" with prostatitis, and it is absolutely safe for the patient's health.

Acoustic (shock) wave penetrating the prostate:

What equipment is used for prostatitis treatment?

Thanks to the unique nozzles available in Swiss devices, the doctor selects the most suitable one, which forms an acoustic wave of the required shape and length. For example, one of such nozzles in the Swiss equipment Storz Medical, used in the Awatage clinic, is DeepImpact (DipImpact). From the name itself, it becomes clear that it is designed for deep penetration - up to 6-7 cm. In addition, it has both a radial and focused high-energy sound waveform - a unique achievement of engineering technologies that has no analogues among manufacturers of such equipment.

The shock wave that is generated in the DeepImpact nozzle in the infrasound spectrum (not to be confused with ultrasound) immediately affects the entire prostate, instantly "accelerating" stagnation in the prostate gland, eliminates fibrous formations and calcifications, and solves the problem of prostatitis in men absolutely safely. The only side effect of shock wave therapy in the treatment of prostatitis is a possible bruising or hematoma at the site of the SWT applicator application. In world practice, not a single case of complications after treatment of prostatitis with shock wave therapy has been recorded. It is not for nothing that shock wave therapy is so quickly becoming popular among doctors in Kiev.

In 2019, the Awatage medical center in Kiev acquired the Duolith SD1 T-TOP FSW urological device for focused shock wave therapy, which is the latest development of the Swiss company Storz Medical in the treatment of prostatitis (calculous, chronic, fibrous, congestive), Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction. The effectiveness of the treatment of prostatitis by the method of shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center reaches 97%. At the last international conference on shock wave therapy in Kiev, doctors of the Awatage medical center made a presentation and shared their successful experience of using Swiss shock wave therapy equipment in the treatment of prostatitis. In Ukraine, there are now only a few Swiss devices, and two of them are located in the Awatage medical center in Kiev and Zaporozhye.

лечение простата ударно-волновой терапией киевUnique heads (attachments) for shock wave therapy in the Awatage clinic

It is important to remember that shock wave therapy in the treatment of prostatitis can be an independent and self-sufficient method of treatment (monotherapy) - prior consultation with a urologist is required.

Who will benefit from shock wave therapy?

To all men who:

Treatment of prostatitis with shock wave therapy at the Awatage clinic

The course of treatment or prevention of prostatitis in the medical center for shock wave therapy "Awatage" consists of 7 procedures with an interval of 5 - 7 days. The procedure is outpatient and non-invasive (there will be no cutting, stabbing, "sticking" anything inside) - an acoustic wave transmitter with a special attachment is applied to the perineum in the prostate region. The duration of the procedure itself (without taking into account the time of communication with the doctor) is about 10 minutes. During this period, with a certain frequency and energy, the required number of impulses (shocks) will be “transmitted” to the prostate area - strictly according to the Swiss protocol for treating prostatitis with shock wave therapy.

The monitor screen of the Swiss device SWT Storz Medical shows the number of impulses after the procedure

In order to prevent speculation on the market of medical services in Kiev, we recall that the protocol for treating prostatitis with shock wave therapy does not depend on the time of its implementation (for 10 or 20 minutes of operation of the shock wave therapy device), but on the number of impulses (shocks) with a certain frequency and strength. If any of the clinics indicate that the price for the SWT procedure, for example, for 10 minutes is 100 UAH, and for 15 minutes - 150 UAH. - keep in mind: you are faced either with scammers, or not with shock wave therapy, or with non-professionals.

лечение простатита ударно-волновой терапией киевThe most advanced Swiss device Storz Medical focused shock wave therapy for the treatment of prostatitis, Peyronie's disease, erectile dysfunction and CPPS

The Awatage Medical Center has 15 years of experience in the use of shock wave therapy. The effectiveness of treatment of prostatitis with shock wave therapy at the Awatage clinic reaches 97%. In our practice, there were no cases of dissatisfied patients after a course of shock wave therapy procedures. Men notice not only an improvement in their health, but also in their sexual life already during the course of treatment.

Apparatus for focused shock-wave therapy Chattanооga (USA)


To sign up for a consultation with a urologist, a shock wave therapy procedure and learn more about the equipment and medicinal properties of shock wave therapy in the treatment of prostatitis (CPPS), Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction, please call: +380 (44) 500-17-45 +380 (50 ) 972-13-57 +380 (68) 309-33-98

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