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Trainings on SWT

Training (seminar) on shock wave therapy

The use of shock waves in medicine is a real breakthrough, if you will, a sensation that prevented a large number of surgeries. Today, everyone has access to a non-invasive (non-surgical) method of treatment with shock wave therapy (SWT), which has led to a significant increase in the ranks of SWT experts.

Our specialists are pleased to know that, undoubtedly, there is their significant contribution to this, because with their help hundreds of doctors in private practice, state hospitals and well-known departmental sanatoriums in Ukraine learned how to cure more than 150 diseases without surgery.

We are pleased to offer our assistance in the study of the method of shock wave therapy. The founders of the Awatage medical center are the leading specialists in the method of shock wave therapy in Ukraine, which guarantees the most complete, necessary, reliable knowledge and maximum practice for the preparation of a competent specialist doctor.

The developed courses and trainings on shock wave therapy allow you to quickly gain the knowledge and practical experience accumulated over 16 years. This will help from the first days to effectively use the equipment for SWT and receive grateful feedback from patients.

Our specialists are the organizers and participants of international and domestic conferences on SWT, made reports at the Institute of Traumatology, participated in scientific research on the effect of sound waves on bone regeneration, and also teach the UHT technique at the Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.

Our scientific reports in Germany, Switzerland and Ukraine are proof that we know the shock wave!

You can get additional information on the organization of training in shock wave therapy (SWT) from the specialists of the Awatage medical center by phone: +380 (97) 888-35-28.