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Shock wave therapy in neurology and treatment of arthritis, osteochondrosis, contractures,

back and lower back pain

Shockwave therapy is a state-of-the-art, painless, non-surgical method that is effective in 70% to 99% of cases, including in the treatment of shoulder pain. The method of treating SWT is non-invasive (does not require surgery), and therefore is the most popular and widely used.

The Awatage Medical Center is one of the few clinics that successfully use shock waves in the treatment of a list of diseases in the field of neurology. Over the years of successful practice, specialists have compiled a list of diseases (indications for the use of shock waves), in which shock waves are the most effective method of treatment.

Undeniable effectiveness is observed in the treatment of:

All methods of treatment with shock waves are recommended by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, are widely used in Europe and are held at the Avatazh medical center under the supervision of a specialist.

Treatment of neurological pathologies (arthritis, contractures)


Treatment of neurological pathologies is carried out using the Gymna (Belgium) devices, which are the most modern among competitors in the field of shock wave therapy. This equipment is focused on a wide application base, which speaks not only of its functionality, but also efficiency in general. It allows you to successfully cope with many diseases in the field of neurology, in particular the treatment of arthritis with its varieties.

The specificity of the treatment of neurological diseases at the Awatage medical center are unique patented techniques, thanks to which shock waves act selectively, leaving healthy cells intact, while inflamed ones, on the contrary, are destroyed under the influence of the shock wave, and “healthy” ones grow in their place.

The use of the method of extracorporeal shock wave therapy has a characteristic feature: the treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis, the number of sessions is set by the doctor individually in accordance with the stage and severity of the disease, the patient's age and individual characteristics of the organism.

There is no single shockwave treatment protocol for all diseases or for all patients, even with the same diagnosis. In one patient, for example, with periarthritis of the shoulder scapula, only the shoulder (in the area of ​​the joint) may hurt, while in another with the same diagnosis, the shoulder and arm up to the hand (the presence of grigger points that cause pain and stiffness of movements in the joint). These features affect the protocol of shock wave therapy (sound wave frequency, number of shocks, sound wave power, number of shock wave therapy sessions). This also affects the cost of the procedure - only after consulting a doctor and studying the history of the disease, establishing concomitant diseases, the doctor forms a treatment protocol and informs the patient of the cost of the shock wave therapy procedure, which depends on the number of shocks (impulses) spent - this is the right one for treatment and an objective approach for the patient.








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