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Shock wave therapy in Kiev at the Awatage medical center.
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Awatage is a medical center for shock wave therapy in Kiev (SWT). Modern shock wave therapy is effective in the treatment of more than 150 diseases. Our specialists have extensive experience in applying the shock wave therapy method of the Belgian company Gymna. We specialize in the treatment of diseases in the field of traumatology, orthopedics, neurology, urology, dermatology, dentistry, aesthetic medicine.

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Achievements of the Awatage medical center

Most people do not trust beautiful words, but dry facts and figures. We are ready to provide you with a list of the achievements of our medical center, so that you can make sure of the competence and high efficiency of the shock wave therapy method.

Awatage is recommended in Europe

The medical center for shock wave therapy "Awatage" is the only authorized partner in Ukraine of the world leader in the study of the impact of shock waves on the human body and the production of shock wave therapy equipment of the Belgian company Gymna.
Gymna, a manufacturer of physiotherapy and shock wave equipment, has been recommending Awatage in Ukraine since 1967, as the only one whose specialists have a high level of skills and methods of working with shock wave therapy devices.

Sign up for a consultation and treatment with one of the most experienced specialists in Ukraine in shock wave therapy by phone in Kiev: 500-17-45, 050 972-13-57, 068 309-33-98.

Medical center "Awatage" is the only authorized partner from Gymna in Ukraine