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Treatment of prostatitis with shock wave therapy

Historically, one can trace the fact that shock wave therapy came to medicine precisely from urology - the well-known crushing of stones in the kidneys or bladder through the action of an acoustic wave in the infrasound spectrum (lithotripsy is the "gold" standard in the treatment of urolithiasis). Over the years, the specialists of the Awatage medical center have successfully used the method of shock wave therapy to treat prostate diseases, Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction. It is no secret that this kind of disease negatively affects all functions of the male body:

Fortunately, to date, the effectiveness of the method of shock wave therapy (SWT) in the treatment of non-infectious (congestive) prostatitis (chronic pelvic pain syndrome - CPPS), erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease reaches 98% and in most cases helps to get rid of diseases and maintain complete a healthy lifestyle after 5 sessions.

It makes no sense to keep silent about the difficulties in the treatment of diseases in the field of urology. First of all, they are often caused by the fact that during drug treatment, drugs do not give the expected effect, do not allow you to get rid of congestion in organs and restore blood circulation - one of the main causes of prostate diseases and erectile dysfunction. It should be remembered about the large list of side effects from the regular use of medications, in contrast to shock wave therapy, where the only adverse effects of treatment may be temporary redness of the skin at the site of exposure or bruising (petechiae and hematomas that disappear after a few days).

In addition, the weak effect of drugs in the absence of pathways (highways) for their delivery to the cells of the prostate or genital organ - a developed circulatory and lymphatic systems is quite logical. Medicines do not solve the main problem in the treatment of urological problems in men - the restoration of metabolism in the organ (blood and lymph flow). It's a vicious circle. And this problem applies not only to urology, but also to practically all areas of medicine where blood circulation is impaired - for example, cardiology (in the treatment of coronary heart disease), traumatology (in the treatment of bone tissue failure and restoration of cartilage nutrition in arthrosis) or surgery (in the treatment of diabetic feet and trophic ulcers).

Лечение простатита (СХТБ) ударно-волновой терапией в медцентре "Аватаж"

Shock wave therapy for prostatitis

Treatment of non-infectious prostatitis (including chronic and calculous prostatitis) is carried out by a urologist at the Awatage Medical Center using a focused shock wave therapy device, the latest development of urological scientists for the treatment of prostatitis, Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction.

The shock wave, penetrating deep into the organ (prostate or penis), solves the main problem of urologists - it restores metabolism due to the effect inherent ONLY in shock wave therapy - angiogenesis (growth of new capillaries). This is an extremely important, but not the only positive effect of the effect of acoustic waves on the cells of the body.

Due to the impact of a shock wave in the infrasound spectrum, the prostate contracts and expands (like a washcloth filled with liquid) - we get a drainage effect for the secretion of the prostate gland. At this time, the process of microcapillary growth (angiogenesis) starts, through which nutrients (and, if necessary, medicines) begin to enter the diseased organ, and in the presence of calcifications or fibrosis, they are destroyed and lysed (excreted naturally), for example, lithotripsy during crushing kidney stones.

It is important to note that modern shock wave therapy devices in the treatment of prostatitis, Peyronie's disease and erectile dysfunction are united with lithotriptors only by the name of the technique they use - shock wave therapy. For other technical parameters, they are radically different. Lithotripters are used ONLY in the treatment of urolithiasis.

Shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction

With erectile dysfunction of vascular origin (impaired blood circulation in the penis), shock wave therapy is directly indicated and is the main weapon - monotherapy. Due to the emergence of new capillaries (angiogenesis), blood flow to the organ is restored and its full functioning - filling with blood. No other method in medicine can boast of such an effect - this is a proven fact! That is why recently doctors more and more often talk about the SWT technique as a real breakthrough in the treatment of many diseases.

The average number of procedures for the treatment of prostatitis, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie's disease is 7, which are carried out at intervals of 5-7 days. In the presence of stones or fibrosis in the prostate or in very advanced cases (perennial unresolved congestion in the prostate), the course of treatment should be repeated after 4-6 months. Shock wave therapy is characterized by a prolonged effect on tissues due to the inclusion of the body's own reserves - the vessels continue to grow for 4-6 months after the last session.

Many patients ask, is it possible to go through 15 or 20 sessions to "finish off" the disease completely? Shock wave therapy has no side effects (except for the named bruises) and a large number of sessions will definitely not harm the body, as well as will not bring the expected effect - they will "finish off" the disease. Those important processes that are triggered in the body by a shock wave take time (natural course) - for cell growth, restoration of metabolism, etc. Science has proven that in most cases 7 sessions are enough. Then the body begins to repair itself and doing 15 or 20 sessions of shock wave therapy in one course - it's like running in front of a train: we will not speed up the running processes and will not affect the time. It will be more expedient, if necessary, to repeat the course of 7 sessions, but after 4-6 months, pushing the body towards further recovery.

Лечение болезни Пейрони ударно-волновой терапией в медцентре "Аватаж"

The treatment of prostatitis and erectile dysfunction by the method of shock wave therapy is very effective and in our practice reaches 98% of the result, therefore this method can be used as monotherapy (i.e., treatment exclusively by the method of shock wave therapy) or in combination with other procedures prescribed by the doctor -urologist.

The procedure is carried out without penetration into the patient's internal organs and without damaging the skin.

Pain and discomfort during the treatment of prostatitis (CPPS) with shock wave therapy in most cases goes away almost immediately due to the improvement of blood circulation during the procedure from 40 to 100 times! At the end of the treatment, the patient completely gets rid of the symptoms of prostatitis and returns to a full life. It should be noted that in order to maintain male health, the patient must exclude hypothermia, consume the required amount of water per day (from 2 liters), lead a healthy and active lifestyle, engage in physical education, etc.

With the use of shock waves, effects are observed that are characteristic of all human tissues that were affected by the acoustic wave, in particular:

The number of patients satisfied with the results of prostatitis treatment (CPPS) at the Awatage medical center is 98% - one of the highest rates in the list of indications for shock wave therapy. The SWT method has proven itself well in the treatment of patients of any age. We have successfully treated patients who have lost all hope of recovery. Even patients with “long-term” (more than 10 years) prostatitis, already after the second or third procedure, noted significant improvements, and by the end of the course - almost complete absence of its symptoms. The healing processes that are “triggered” in the body by shock wave therapy continue for at least 4-6 months - a prolonged effect.

Treatment of prostatitis by shock wave therapy is a very successful method that allows a man to return a healthy lifestyle in a very short time without medication, painful massages, long-term and numerous physical procedures.


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