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About apparatus SWT

SWT Gymna devices

The Awatage Medical Center uses the most modern radial and focused shock wave therapy devices from Storz Medical (Switzerland) and Gymna (Belgium). It should be noted that these European companies Storz Medical and Gymna have been world leaders in the field of shock wave therapy for more than 30 years. The companies' arsenal includes technical and research laboratories, doctors, scientists and engineers, whose interaction makes it possible to produce not only high-quality devices, but also to offer treatment protocols, the ability to form a shock wave of the desired shape and length from a source. The numbers and characteristics of the shock wave speak for themselves - the depth of the focused shock wave is from 0.5 to 12.5 cm (there are no analogues and competitors in the world), the focus has an ellipse shape (as opposed to a point), which guarantees getting into the required zone and quick recovery.

More than 10 radial and focused shock wave therapy devices of various modifications are used in the Avatazh medical centers, which makes it possible to cover 100% of indications for orthopedics and traumatology, neurology, urology, dentistry, dermatology and surgery:

- Duolth SD1 T-Top from Storz Medical - for focused shock wave therapy, which is used in urology - CPPS (prostatitis, including calculous), Peyronie's disease, erectile dysfunction, dentistry (periodontal disease, bone strengthening, TMJ arthrosis), and completes the ideal combination when exposed to radial shock wave therapy in traumatology, neurology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine.


Duolith_SD1 T-Top focused SWT device from Storz Medical

Gymna ShockMaster 500 - Gymna's top model for radial shock wave therapy

Masterpuls MP200 for radial shock wave therapy.




Gymna - European quality and experience since 1967

The Belgian company Gymna has been producing medical equipment for physiotherapy since 1967. Gymna is the undisputed leader in shock wave therapy. The power of energy - from 0.3 to 5 bar allows a patient with even the lowest pain threshold to comfortably endure procedures in any zone and with any pathology. The frequency from 1 to 21 Hertz covers 100% of all indications for the shock wave therapy technique.

The unique technique of biomechanical muscle stimulation - V-Actor (from 1 to 35 Hertz, from 1 to 5 Bar) came into medicine thanks to the development of technologies for the rehabilitation of astronauts after a long stay in zero gravity and atrophy of muscle tissue. V-Actor is a patented technique and is only available from these companies.

We are proud that we can offer our patients equipment that has no analogues and competitors. The main distinguishing features of this equipment is that the shock wave has a penetration depth of 0.5 to 12.5 cm, which significantly expands the range of indications for treatment. Only the devices of the Gymna companies have the widest range of control over the force and frequency of impact and more than 20 (!) Special attachments (from other manufacturers - 3-4 on average), the task of which is to form a shock wave of the desired shape and depth, affecting various pathologies with greater efficiency ... The unique and tax-free Spine-Actor applicators are designed for the treatment of osteochondrosis - paravertebral exposure. The Peri-Actor applicators are the world's first attachments to target exclusively the tendons (fascia). Science has confirmed that the human body is permeated with fasciae, which are like a skeleton, being in tension, supporting muscles and organs, being in constant interaction with each other. This is directly related to human biomechanics - the correct arrangement of organs provides a rational load on the joints, as well as vice versa - deviations lead to increased friction in the joints, distortions of the musculoskeletal corset and the gradual formation of numerous pathologies, ranging from the heel spur, ending with arthrosis, osteochondrosis and cervical migraine.


Gymna SWT attachment sets - a complex effect on bones, muscles and tendons.

D-ACTOR® technology - "biomechanical stimulation" (BMS)
V-ACTOR® technology - vibration stimulation
Radial pressure waves RSWT (Radial Shockwave Therapy)