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Report of doctors of the Awatage medical center on shock wave therapy at the Institute of Traumatology in Kiev

семинар по ударно-волновой терапии в институте травматологии киев

A report by doctors of the Awatage medical center on shock wave therapy

at the Institute of Traumatology in Kiev

On February 12, 2016 at the State Institution “Institute of Traumatology and Orthopedics of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine” in the city of Kyiv, specialists of the “Awatage” medical center held a seminar on extracorporeal shock wave therapy. The seminar was attended by practicing doctors orthopedic traumatologists of the Institute of Traumatology. The seminar presented the achievements of the Awatage medical center related to the treatment of arthrosis, delayed consolidation of fractures and humeral-scapular periarthrosis by shock wave therapy using Storz Medical devices (Switzerland).

лечение переломов ударно-волновой терапией киевDemonstration of the Awatage clinic's achievements in the treatment of non-union of bone fractures

For the first time, at the level of a state institute in Kyiv, shock wave therapy was discussed as an effective non-surgical method for relieving pain, stopping the reduction of cartilage tissue in arthrosis, provoking osteosynthesis during fracture healing, and removing calcifications in the treatment of humeroscapular periarthrosis. The X-ray images provided clearly showed how the shock wave helps to cope with the listed problems, which were previously amenable to purely surgical treatment.

Новые уникальные аппликаторы от Storz MedicalNew unique applicators from Storz Medical - for the first time in Ukraine at the Awatage medical center

Treatment of delayed consolidation of bone fractures in the Awatage medical center is carried out for seven sessions of shock wave therapy with an interval of once every 5 - 7 days. X-ray images show the formation of callus at the fracture site already after 7 SWT procedures.

доклад врачей клиники аватаж в институте травматологииFocused and radial shock wave - the optimal combination in the treatment of arthrosis and fractures from the experience of the Awatage Medical Center

Doctors of the Institute of Traumatology unanimously supported the use of shock wave therapy - an effective method of treating injuries and rehabilitation after operations as a primary and additional therapy.

The achieved results became possible due to the use of the equipment of the Storz Medical firm (Switzerland) by the medical center "Awatage", which combines all the modern achievements of engineering in the field of acoustic wave control for the benefit of human health.

Ударно-волновая терапия - современный метод лечения артроза, перелома и плечелопаточного периартрозаShock wave therapy is a modern method of treating arthrosis, fractures and humeral-scapular periarthrosis