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Why is the shock wave therapy method unique? Interview with doctors of the clinic "Awatage" (Zaporozhye)

Doctors of medical "Awatage" (Zaporozhye) on the uniqueness of the method of shock wave therapy, which consists in the physical properties of a sound (shock) wave and its therapeutic effect on the human body. The Awatage medical center has 11 years of experience in the use of shock wave therapy on equipment from Storz Medical (Switzerland) and Gymna (Belgium). The specialists of the Awatage clinic are rightfully considered one of the best specialists in the field of UVT in Ukraine. Currently, our medical center is the base for scientific research and further study of the effect of the shock wave on human tissue.

The founders of the Awatage medical center have unique, patented in Ukraine, methods of treating bone fractures (delayed consolidation of fractures) with 100% (!) efficiency - for the entire period of use of shock wave therapy, absolutely ALL patients of the Awatage medical center have recovered and their fractures have healed completely!