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Treatment of a bursitis shock - wave therapy

Treatment of a bursitis shock - wave therapy

Treatment of a bursitis shock - wave therapy

Bursitis is an inflammation of a juxta-articular bag. Sinovial juxta-articular bags cover joints and carry out the major function – serving as shock-absorbers during the movement of bones relatively each other and surrounding fabrics.Before a statement of an essence of a disease we will provide the small anatomic review. On an external surface of a femur the big spit - a bone hillock to which the muscles setting a coxofemoral joint in motion are attached is located. It is covered by a sinovialny bag. At action of provocative factors there is its inflammation which is called bursitis. On the opposite side of a femur there is one more synovial bag – lengthwise-edge. Strictly speaking, its inflammation is carried too to a bursitis of a coxofemoral joint, however it meets much more less than vertelny bursitis.  And both of these states equally are treated.

More often bursitis of a coxofemoral joint women, who are older than 30 years suffer.

It is possible to carry to risk factors:

As also frequent reason of bursitis is deposits of salts of calcium or a bone tissue (osteofita).

Clinic of a bursitis

Clinic of a bursitis of a coxofemoral joint is characterized by pains in a joint, irradiate along an external surface of a hip or in inguinal area. Pain at early stages is sharp, cutting and very intensive. Lying on a certain side, reduction of a hip, walking on a ladder, the situation "squating" provokes and strengthens pain. The pain syndrome results in limitation of mobility in a joint and to characteristic changes of gait. Over time pain becomes dull, aching, more poured. Pain usually passes in rest, however attacks of night pains that interrupts the patient's sleep are frequent. The more the prescription of a disease, the worse pain is eliminated with soothing and anti-inflammatory preparations. In the absence of adequate treatment synchronization of a disease is almost inevitable. Complications in the form of an adhesive capsulitis are possible ("a syndrome of the frozen joint"), that leads to a full physical inactivity of a coxofemoral joint.

Bursitis of the hip joint Bursitis of the hip joint

When symptoms of a bursitis will emergence consultation of the orthopedist-traumatologist is shown. Considering plurality of pathological states which can lead to a coxofemoral joint pains, careful collecting of the anamnesis and clinical examination is necessary. In many cases they may resort to additional methods of inspection: X-ray analysis of a coxofemoral joint, ultrasonic research, MRT, etc.

At initial stages it is possible to win an illness by conservative methods. The sparing motive mode, purpose of anti-inflammatory preparations, using of a cane and crutches during walking is shown. Local treatment is also applied: injections of anesthetic and a hormonal preparation in a synovial bag. The good effect is rendered by physiotherapy exercises, massage and physiotherapeutic methods, in particular the shock-wave therapy (SWT)Usually it is possible to reach recovery in terms up to 1 month. In case of an inefficiency of conservative methods removal of a synovial bag is recommend and it may be made in the surgical way (apply both classical operation, and arthroscopic methods of treatment).

Treatment of a bursitis with using of shock-wave therapy

Application of shock-wave therapy in treatment of bursitis allows to achieve a good clinical effect in the shortest possible time and to avoid surgical intervention.SWT possesses an illness-modifying effect – eliminates inflammatory process, strengthens muscles of a coxofemoral joint, improves blood circulation, accelerates restoration of fabrics. Owing to the above-named processes mobility in a joint improves, pain disappears. The patient can return to full physical activity after the first procedures.Application of shock-wave therapy allows to reduce dosages of antiphlogistic remedies, and subsequently to refuse them at all.On a course of treatment 5-7 procedures are enough though sometimes it is necessary to resort to a longer one– to 10 procedures. The interval between procedures is 5-7 days. After the termination of a course of treatment even in the absence of clinical manifestations carrying out a control x-ray picture or MRT of a coxofemoral joint in 3-6 months, and also repeated consultation of the orthopedist-traumatologist is necessary.

Treatment of bursitis shock-wave therapy