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Training seminar on the use of SWT on Duolith SD1 equipment (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

Training seminar on the use of UHT on Duolit SD1 equipment (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)

On November 29-30, I, together with doctors of the Awatage medical center, attended a training seminar at the Institute of Sports Medicine in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. In short, the Institute for Sports Medicine in Frankfurt am Main was established in 1984 as a sports medical advisory and licensing center for the German Sports Federation, as well as a sports medical base for the German Olympic team.


The Institute has several subdivisions:

- Diagnostic department.

Here, a person's athletic abilities are assessed, preventive examinations are carried out, stress tests, fitness tests and various laboratory tests can be passed. Includes a set of studies that allows you to fully assess the state of the patient's body, including his musculoskeletal system, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. At the same time, an expert assessment is given, the patient's profile in sports is assessed, and recommendations on nutrition and training are given.

- Orthopedic department.

She is engaged in the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of both acute and chronic sports injuries. Surgical treatment is also used here, including endoscopic operations on joints, cryotherapy, manual therapy, mechanotherapy.


It was very important that we learned about the new methods of treating various diseases by the method of shock wave therapy on the DUOLITH® SD1 device by Storz Medical AG from the specialists who developed this equipment and already have sufficient experience in using it in practical medicine.

The seminar covered several topics, namely: 1. The history of the development of shock wave therapy. 2. Indications for shock wave therapy. 3. Successful experience in the use of SWT by the specialists of the Institute of Medicine - Traumatology and Orthopedics, the possibilities of using SWT in children were discussed.

Head of SWT department Dr. med. Jakob Scholl (MD Jakov Shel) showed the capabilities of the newly developed SWT devices. Note that the new Duolit SD1 will appear in Ukraine in the spring of 2013. We dwelt in more detail on the features of the use of shock waves in rehabilitation and sports medicine.


Dr. Tanja Nauck (Dr. Tanya Nock) kindly introduced us to the research areas that are being carried out at the Institute of Sports Medicine. Over the past 5 years, extensive clinical experience in the use of SWT in medicine and sports has shown that the indications for the use of SWT devices developed by Storz Medical AG are much wider than before and already cover several branches of medicine.

Thanks to Storz Medical AG equipment, it became possible to effectively treat some diseases, patients with which previously had no chance of recovery.

We saw that Storz Medical equipment is undergoing serious clinical research in the blades of Europe and America. Summarizing and analyzing this invaluable material, the company's employees give us the opportunity to provide invaluable medical care to sick people.


Thanks to the acquired knowledge and sufficient experience of our rehabilitation center, we will be able to help all our patients.

Respectfully yours, director of the Awatage medical center, neurologist of the highest category, Yuri Remenyuk.