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Heel spur. Shock wave treatment at the Awatage Medical Center

Пяточная шпора. Лечение ударно-волновым методом в клинике Аватаж

Heel spur. Shock wave treatment at the Awatage Medical Center

Heel spur is a widespread disease in the population. In medicine, this problem is called plantar fasciitis with spur formation (there is also plantar fasciitis without spurs, but the common name remains - heel spur). Plantar fasciitis sufferers complain of regular pain in the heel when walking or without exertion - even in the morning after rest. Heel spur is a well-studied disease by modern traumatologists, the causes of plantar fasciitis are clearly established - flat feet, overweight, incorrect (or old) shoes, excessive physical exertion, etc.

We will not describe in detail and specify the nasology of the heel spur - its symptoms are clear and definable: pain in the heel, discomfort while walking, burning in the arch of the foot, etc. You should know that the patient should contact a traumatologist who diagnoses and treats heel spurs.

It is much more important to find a good way to treat a heel spur in Kyiv. For the past 15 years it has been shock wave therapy (SWT). The effectiveness of SWT is several times higher than all other methods known to science. 95 - 98% is the average satisfaction rate of patients who underwent a course of treatment for a heel spur at the Avatazh center using equipment from Storz Medical (Switzerland) and Gymna (Belgium). Then we will return to discussing the equipment that will be used in treatment of spurs). It is worth mentioning that X-ray therapy was previously popular in the treatment of heel spurs in Kyiv, but from the very name of the technique one can understand its side effects, and most importantly, a year after treatment, only 15% of patients noted a satisfactory effect. Other methods have such a low result of the effectiveness of getting rid of heel spurs that we will not even waste your time on them. This also applies to blockade injections, which have recently been banned by progressive traumatologists due to numerous complications and side effects.

It is better to treat a heel spur at the Awatage clinic. Why?

"But this is a hidden advertisement for a clinic!" - many will think to themselves and will be right. Do not rush to close this page. If quality treatment of a heel spur is important to you, do not hesitate to read to the end.


For our part, using exclusively dry facts and figures, we will convey important and logical information for you - we will give iron evidence that the Awatage clinic deserves a really high trust and authority in the application of shock wave therapy not only in Kiev, but also in Ukraine ...


So, in order.

1. Clinic "Awatage" is a commercial organization. How does this affect the result? Answer: very strong!

The founders of the Awatage shock-wave therapy center are persons who officially represent the Storz Medical and Gymna companies (unconditional world authorities in the study of the healing properties of sound waves) in Ukraine. In order to prove the exclusivity of these installations, a medical center for shock wave therapy "Awatage" (with a branch in Kyiv) was established with a narrowly focused specialization - shock wave therapy. For 16 years of practical application of shock wave therapy, doctors have accumulated tremendous knowledge in this area, having formed their own protocols (recipes) that have received recognition in Europe (Awatage became an authorized SWT center from Storz Medical in 2015). Many of them are patented with the participation of leading orthopedic traumatologists of Ukraine. During this time, more than 100 SW units have already been sold in Ukraine, including well-known departmental medical institutions and sanatoriums of Ukraine.

Пяточная шпора. Лечение ударно-волновым методом в клинике АватажClinic "Awatage" is the only authorized center of shock wave therapy from Storz Medical (Switzerland) in Ukraine


If we do not provide quality treatment and achieve high results in the treatment of heel spurs, we will not sell a single SWT device. Is it logical? Of course yes! Therefore, we are doomed to demonstrate to patients and doctors excellent results in getting rid of heel spurs.


2. Awatage Medical Center is an effective equipment for shock wave therapy.

The Awatage Medical Center uses Storz Medical and Gymna devices to get rid of heel spurs. Equipment for treatment is the key to a successful result - everyone will agree here.

Heel spur treatment with Belgian shock wave therapy equipment Gymna

Briefly about the characteristics of SWT devices in the Awatage clinic. - up to 12 cm - the depth of penetration of the shock wave (from other manufacturers - up to 4-5 cm)

- 20 - the number of attachments for the formation of different shapes and lengths of shock waves, which directly affects the result of spur treatment (the closest competitors have only 3-5 attachments).

- BMS - a patented technology of biomechanical stimulation used in Storz Medical and Gymna devices was developed by Soviet scientists and directly affects the diseased tendons and muscles of the foot, instantly increasing their elasticity. This significantly reduces the number of procedures and increases their effectiveness in the treatment of plantar fasciitis with and without a spur.

- V-Actor - patented technology of impact on muscles and tendons by vibration at the frequency of their work (contractions). With this technique, you can put a person on a transverse twine in just a few weeks without physical training. Each SWT procedure ends with the impact of vibration impulses on the muscles and tendons, which are involved in maintaining the mobility of the foot. This technology is not available for other manufacturers and the Awatage clinic is one of the few in Kiev and Ukraine that uses it in the treatment of heel spurs.

- Up to 5 bar and 35 Hertz are the energy strength and the frequency of transmission of the shock wave in human tissue. Storz Medical and Gymna equipment is the only one in the world that has a BMS wave frequency of 35 Hertz. In addition, to increase the comfort of the procedure and eliminate pain for the patient, the energy regulation has a step of 0.5 bar. Other manufacturers have 1 bar. For example, if a patient feels pain during the procedure, then the doctor reduces the energy gradually, rather than sharply reducing it, thereby losing the effectiveness of each impulse (blow), which entails an increase in the cost of treatment.

- Fascia therapy is a unique technology, presented in October 2015 by Storz Medical and Gymna, and consists in the action of special patented shock wave generators exclusively for the treatment of fascia - tendons. As you know, plantar fasciitis is a disease primarily of tendons that tolerate improper stress and cause constant pain. The Awatage Medical Center in Ukraine owns this technology. The inclusion of these applicators in the treatment protocol for the heel spur allows already during (!) The procedure to remove the pain syndrome by at least 70% in 90% of patients.

These are the main and objective advantages of heel spur treatment at the Awatage medical center using Swiss and Belgian equipment.


(for those who are looking for cheaper)

Free cheese only in a mousetrap is an old saying and it is directly related to medicine, given that only private medical institutions have shock wave therapy units in Kiev with the ensuing consequences.

The Awatage Medical Center uses a transparent pricing approach in the treatment of heel spurs and other diseases. The main factor that influences the formation of the price of one blow is its cost, which depends on the consumable material - the bullet. Having worked out a certain number of blows, it ceases to form the necessary energy and, apart from the sound effect, for our ears no longer "carries" anything healing. But many clinics use this and continue to "treat", earning money. As a result, the patient is left with a problem, without funds and a completely natural negative impression of the method of shock wave therapy.

The cheapness of one procedure for shock wave therapy is suspicious in that it primarily saves on the patient's health. Luring a small price, clinics do not specify how many impulses are “included” in the price and what tips they will use to treat heel spurs with shock wave therapy. And this is the key point!


The patient can be understood - he is not interested in details, he needs the result right now. But such an approach in the treatment of heel spurs rarely goes without health consequences (for example, diprospan injections) or for finances (“a miser pays twice,” and in medicine, even more).


Medical Center "Awatage" makes a lot of efforts to raise awareness of the population in this matter and become an effective way to combat such fraudsters. Only your knowledge will help you find a conscientious doctor and clinic - always remember this!

At the Awatage center, the patient pays for the actually received pulses, the number of which is set by the doctor. Everyone has their own heel spur and it is not always possible to form one general recipe for treatment for everyone - someone needs 2 thousand "hits", while someone needs twice as many. Our task is to restore health, and not to be like a “vacuum cleaner” for your wallet!

лечение пяточной шпоры ударно-волновой терапией аватажTreatment of a heel spur with shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center

The same goes for the number of procedures. The specialists of the Awatage medical center never offer the patient to pay in advance for the course of treatment of the heel spur with shock wave therapy - this contradicts the principle of an objective approach to treatment and in fact puts a person's health on a “stream” (the doctor automatically becomes a mindless “machine” and degrades as a specialist) ...

It is easier for a young body to cope with the disease, and sometimes 3 - 4 SWT procedures are enough to treat a heel spur. An elderly person with an "old" spur and slowed metabolic and recovery processes often needs 5-10 procedures. The body's response to the treatment of a heel spur with shock wave therapy is very individual and it can be stopped immediately as soon as a positive effect is evident - a joint decision is made between the doctor and the patient.

There was a case in the practice of the Awatage clinic: a 74-year-old woman sought medical help with a diagnosis of plantar fasciitis. After 4 sessions of shock wave therapy, the treatment was successfully completed - the efficiency was 90%.

The end result of treatment of a heel spur with a shock wave method at the Awatage clinic

Shockwave therapy for plantar fasciitis is not a panacea! If someone tells you that shockwave therapy will get rid of spurs by 100%, do not waste time and money. Yes, today it is the most effective method of treating this disease, but it does not give a 100% guarantee. According to long-term observations of the doctors of the Awatage clinic, a year after the end of treatment, the effectiveness of shock wave therapy is 97 - 98%. It is important to note that we specifically presented the results a year later, and not immediately after the end of treatment. Shockwave therapy has a prolonged (cumulative) healing effect in getting rid of the heel spur. This is confirmed by the results of observations of our German and Swiss colleagues from the Institute of Sports Medicine in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). The further from the last procedure, the more positive the dynamics.

A characteristic feature of the treatment of a heel spur with shock wave therapy is quick relief from pain syndrome - already during the procedure; persistent long-term positive effect (provided that the causes of plantar fasciitis are eliminated, for example, in the case of flat feet - wearing individual orthopedic insoles); affordability versus medical or invasive methods.

Comparison of treatment methods for heel spur (plantar fasciitis), their effectiveness and financial costs