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Treatment of achillodynia with shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center


Treatment of achillodynia with shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center

The term "Achillodynia" refers to pain syndrome that occurs as a result of a prolonged inflammatory process in the Achilles tendon, or in the place of its attachment to the heel bone. The pain is lingering, chronic, and significantly limits the patient's mobility.

Many factors lead to this state, among which it should be noted:

Metabolic disorders and the inflammatory process lead to the deposition of calcium salts and the development of scar tissue in the tendon, which creates additional conditions for the chronicity of the disease.


Achillodynia clinic

Achillodynia clinic is not complicated. Its main manifestations are:

To clarify the diagnosis, the patient is shown a consultation with an orthopedic traumatologist, if necessary, an ultrasound examination of the Achilles tendon and leg muscles.

Prevention and treatment of achillodynia

Prevention of achillodynia consists in the correct selection of shoes, the rational dosage of physical activity on the ankle joint. You should also avoid abrupt, jerky movements that can cause injury to the Achilles tendon. If the above signs of achillodynia appear, you should immediately consult a doctor, since an early start of treatment will allow you to quickly and much more effectively eliminate pain.

Standard treatment for achillodynia includes resting the affected area, massage, anti-inflammatory therapy, pain relievers if needed, and physical therapy. A short-term, but unstable effect is provided by the use of blockades with local anesthetics and steroid hormones. In general, the possibilities of drug treatment for Achillodynia are very limited and ineffective. In the presence of pronounced changes in the tissues of the lower leg, surgical treatment is indicated (removal of scar tissue and calcifications).

Treatment of achillodynia with shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy (SWT) is currently the best alternative to surgery for treating Achillodynia and related conditions.

Mechanical shock wave:

Treatment of achillodynia with shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center

Systemic exposure to the shock wave improves blood circulation and local metabolism in muscles and tendons. This creates aerobic environmental conditions (high oxygen saturation), in which the development of scar tissue slows down or becomes impossible. It also removes calcified formations and algogenic substances (promoting inflammation and creating a sensation of pain) from muscles, ligaments and tendons. A distinctive feature of shock wave therapy is the absence of structural changes and scarring of soft tissues after a course of treatment, which is an inevitable consequence during surgery.

There are no side effects or complications, and the safety profile of SWT is very high. The procedures are non-invasive, do not require special preparation and the patient's separation from the usual way of life. The duration of one session of shock wave therapy is 10-15 minutes. The course of treatment of shock wave therapy at the Awatage medical center is 5-6 sessions with an interval of 5-7 days. In combination with shock wave therapy, we use the patented V-Actor technology, which directly affects the muscles and tendons and relaxes them. The effect after treatment is pronounced and persistent, which is confirmed by ultrasound data in dynamics, noted in numerous European studies and our more than 15-year experience of treatment at the Avatazh medical center.

SWT sessions will allow the patient to get rid of pain, restore working capacity and feel the joy of movement again! The effectiveness of treatment of achillodenia with shock wave therapy is 99% - this is today the "gold" standard of treatment for this disease.