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Halyus valguse (stones standing). Treatment with the help of shock- wave therapy

халюкс вальгус лечение киев

Halyus valguse (stones standing). Treatment with the help of shock- wave therapy

"A small illness –a big inconvenience"

Halyus valgus is an illness which the great number of women has today. So call protrusion (a stone on a foot) at the thumb base which causes, besides cosmetic inconveniences, there is a lot of also other problems. The name of a disease is translated with Greek as "a thumb deviation outside". In norm degree of this deviation doesn't exceed 10 degrees. At the first degree halyus valgus it makes 15 degrees, at the second – 20 degrees, at the third – 30 degrees.

Halyus valgus can be at any age. Women have this decease in most cases. Halyus valgus main reason is wearing footwear high-heeled. Thus stretch, and subsequently and a linking of foot are damaged. Thus the thumb suffers most of all. Also strike the persons who are engaged in certain sports – skaters, skiers, runners. However people who owing to an occupation spend much time generally suffer standing – sellers, cooks, hairdressers, housewives. The illness lasts and progresses for years, in absence treatment can lead to disability consequences.

Halyus valgus symptoms

лечение косточек на ноге киев Халюс Вальгус

In the beginning of the thumb basis it starts to deviate to the outer side. Quite often at initial stages halyus valgus it is almost imperceptibly and doesn't cause inconveniences. Subsequently painful consolidation ("cone") grows in this place on the plantar party of foot. In the same place there are CLAVUS and corns. It is necessary to buy footwear on the size and even two more that feet weren't rubbed. During the movement there can be a sharp pain as the main loading when walking is the share of the basis of a thumb. The patient starts sparing a foot owing to what foot is involved inside, and the thumb is even more strongly stuck out outside. Over time the forward department of foot gets an ugly form. The biomechanics of a skeleton also changes and pains can extend on lumbar department of a backbone and coxofemoral joints.
Halyus valgus is unpleasant not only for its cosmetic problems, there are many complications too. Deformation of a forward foot department  , the wrong distribution of the foot load   conducts to development of a chronic inflammation in joints, arthroses and bursita may appear. Normal blood supply and a traffic of a bone tissue of the foot are broken that can lead to osteoporosis and  osteomalyation (a softening of bones).

Prevention and treatment of halyus valgus

However despite all aforesaid, it is possible to struggle with an illness and it is necessary. Each woman should think of  halyus valgus prevention already from the youth. First of all it is necessary to struggle with platypodia which creates favorable conditions for foot deformation . The special attention needs to be paid to a footwear choice. Shoes on a high heel is a footwear of holidays and celebrations, but not option for daily wearing at all. Shoes on a low and average heel with the wide cape have to become the main working option. It is also desirable to pick up and use the correct insoles instep supports and laying for a thumb. Shoes without heel, sneakers also create load on the foot copular device therefore you shouldn't abuse them too.
Very often women don't attach significance of halyus valgus, consider it easy inconvenience and don't ask about it for medical care. Time is missed, and the disease reaches such stage when preventive measures lose efficiency and carrying any footwear turns into torture. Here it is already necessary to think of a treatment method choice.

Stage Halyus Valgus Stage Halyus Valgus

The main method of orthopedic intervention is operation. There are many types of surgeries much – there are sparing techniques, in more started cases resort to more traumatic bone plasticity. The effect of operation good and defect of foot is, as a rule, removable. Any operation has the period of restoration which can vary from several days to one year and more. Sometimes the foot should be fixed in a plaster boot till 1 month, and subsequently long to carry special orthopedic footwear which doesn't differ in special hipness and grace. Besides, in the absence of appropriate foot care, recurrence of a disease is possible.

Halyus valgus treatment in Kyiv.

All aforesaid testifies that it is necessary to treat a stone on a foot in due time and not to allow situations at which operation becomes already inevitable necessity. At early stages of a disease it is possible and it is necessary to apply conservative treatment methods. One of the leading directions in halyus valgus treatment is the shock- wave therapy (SWT). Application of SWT allows to eliminate quickly and reliably a pain syndrome, puffiness of foot, to improve blood supply and food of fabrics. The expressed reparativny (recovery) effect of shock waves is well-known. Shock-wave therapy in halyus valgus treatment strengthens the copular device and foot muscles, creating favorable conditions for elimination of deformations and by that slowing down progressing halyus valgus.

Seed Treatment on the legs shock wave therapy Seed Treatment on the legs shock wave therapy
Already from the first sessions of  halyus valgus treatment with the help of shock-wave therapy in Kiev patients note walking function improvement, considerable reduction of pain and discomfort in feet. Procedures are well transferred and take no more than 15 minutes. For a course of shock-wave therapy 4-5 procedures with an interval in most cases there once a week are enough to throw out of  halyus valgus, however in some cases more long-term treatment can be demanded. Correction of treatment in each specific situation is carried out individually. For the greatest clinical SWT effect it is necessary to combine with the above-stated preventive measures, in particular – selection of the correct footwear and individual orthopedic insoles.