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Coxarthrosis. Treatment with the help of SWT in Kyiv.

Лікування коксартрозу ударно-хвильовою терапією в Києві

Coxarthrosis. Treatment with the help of SWT in Kyiv.

Coxarthrosis is a degenerate disease of a coxofemoral joint, the most frequent of all arthroses. To a disease persons of all age are ill, however people of advanced age with excess body weight suffer more often.
Every day coxofemoral joints should maintain huge loading. Violation of their basic function leads to impossibility to run, stand, go. That the coxofemoral joint bears on itself the weight of all trunk, it is the largest joint in our organism. The coxofemoral joint consists of a head of a femur and bones of a basin. They are connected with each other through a ACETABULAR hollow. Surfaces of bones are covered with a cartilage. Thanks to it the joint is mobile, bones can move freely relatively each other. The cartilage receives the necessary substances not through blood, and by diffusion from a bone tissue.


Coxarthrosis. Treatment with the help of SWT in Kyiv. Coxarthrosis

At a coxarthrosis articular cartilage due to various reasons receives less necessary nutrients. It gradually becomes thinner, loses moisture, becomes fragile and collapses at loads of a joint. Side bone growths which limit mobility of a joint are formed and deform it. In an articular capsule inflammatory process develops. In adjacent fabrics dense fibrous fabric expands. There is a pain and constraint of movements. It conducts to emergence of contractures and a full immobilizing over some time.

Specify by risk factors of coxarthrosis in literature:

the frequent microtraumatism also negatively influences on food of a coxofemoral joint.


лікування коксартрозу ударно-хвильовою терапією київ coxarthrosis
Coxarthrosis at early stages is shown by pain and discomfort in a coxofemoral joint, and also inguinal and buttock areas. There is a so-called "starting" pain in the mornings. In order that it passed, the patient needs to warm up, "be walked up and down" some time. Pain is provoked by physical activities, at rest it decreases. In process of a disease progressing restriction of mobility in a coxofemoral joint joins. Weight loss (hypotrophy) of femoral muscles develops. Gait of the patient changes, there is noticeable a lameness. At late stages of an illness the movement in a coxofemoral joint are absent (anchylosis), the sick person becomes a disabled person.

Conservative treatment of coxarthrosis

It is impossible to cure coxarthrosis completely. It is possible to suspend pathological process, to improve quality of the patient`s life. For this purpose treatment has to be begun already at an early stage of an illness. Medical tactics is defined by the doctor orthopedist-traumatologist. Clinical examination of the patient with check of movements in a coxofemoral joint and carrying out diagnostic tests is obligatory. It is possible to define a disease stage by X-ray analysis, MRT, ultrasonography of a hip joint.

лікування коксартрозу ударно-хвильовою терапією київ Лікування коксартрозу. Оперативне втручання - заміна суглобу.
At early stages of a coxarthrosis apply conservative treatment. On the affected joint limit physical activities. The physiotherapy exercises are appointed. Regular swimming and water procedures are useful. With excess body weight correction of weight is shown to persons. It is necessary to adjust a full-fledged work-rest schedule, and also a night dream. For removal of pain appoint nonsteroid anti-inflammatory preparations. If necessary to use extras – canes, walkers, crutches. At late stages of a disease the surgery – full replacement of a coxofemoral joint on artificial is shown (total endoprosthesis replacement).

Treatment of coxarthrosis with the help of shock-wave therapy in Kyiv

Coxarthrosis is a progressing disease, which can make the person disabled. It is a very difficult task to treat it even for skilled experts. However to suspend the course of coxarthrosis, to return to the patient the movement is a quite achievable purpose. In treatment of coxarthrosis the modern orthopedics lay hopes on a method of the shock-wave therapy (SWT). SWT has a powerful vascular, trophic, effects. Pulse influence by high-energy shock waves leads to updating of a coxofemoral joint tissues, delay to a cartilage aging. Food of hip muscles improves that also influences well on basic function.

Regular sessions of shock -wave therapy in the Kyiv clinic «Awatage» eliminate an inflammatory component of a coxarthrosis, stop pain. Mobility of a joint increases quite often after the first sessions that was repeatedly noted both doctors, and patients. Application of shock-wave therapy in Kyiv allows to delay for a long time, and in some cases – completely to avoid expensive and traumatic operations. However the duration of a course is strictly individual and can reach 10 sessions with an interval once a week. Procedure duration is just about half an hour. During the course of shock-wave therapy it is necessary to limit as much as possible physical activities on a coxofemoral joint.

Treatment of coxarthrosis with the help of shock-wave therapy in Kyiv Treatment of coxarthrosis with the help of shock-wave therapy in Kyiv