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Shock wave therapy in Kiev in the center "Awatage"

Shock wave therapy in Kiev in the center "Awatage"

The modern world is a world of constant progress. Science is developing at a very high speed, making constant adjustments to our daily life. Medicine did not stand aside either. Many of the previously incurable diseases are now amenable to successful therapy, giving people extra time for health. Of course, many of the problems still need to be solved, but how much has already been done, including thanks to such a method of treatment as shock wave therapy!

Many diseases that bothered you and me required surgical intervention for successful treatment. This created difficulties in treatment, since it was not easy for any person to decide on such a step.

New developments of scientists and doctors give a chance for successful elimination of pain and symptoms, in other words, a complete cure for many diseases of the heart, kidneys, musculoskeletal system, thanks to shock wave therapy devices from Gymna (Belgium) and Storz Medical (Switzerland).

What makes Gymna special is that it has specialized in the manufacture of high quality physiotherapy equipment for over 50 years and is a leader in the field of radial shock wave therapy. All the resources and forces of the company are directed to this area of ​​science, so competitors in the development of similar devices were left far behind.

Thanks to shock (acoustic) waves that the human ear does not hear, but perceives by the body, it became possible to influence the focus of the disease, which is located deep in the human body without surgical intervention. For each disease, its own program of exposure to shock waves has been developed - a treatment algorithm has been drawn up that is approved in research centers.

Shock wave therapy in Kiev is becoming more popular every day, since the successful application of this method of treatment is felt by many patients. The leading medical institution that has successfully used this method for over 15 years is the Awatage Medical Center. Our doctors will be happy to provide you with advice and treatment using the best shock wave therapy equipment. To make an appointment, you can call the phones listed in the contact section right now.