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Treatment of breaks


Treatment of breaks

Most breaks of bones are treated for 4-6 months at least, radiological signs of the progressing union are defined on series of roentgenograms. If the change to this term didn't begin to live, we would sum up the slowed-down consolidation or bad merging of a bones` fracture.

Pseudo-arthrosis ("not accrete change") is an interruption of a fracture healing process. Between the main fragments fibrous or cartilaginous tissue is formed and therefore there is no healing even in 6-8 months.

The reasons of the slowed-down consolidation emergence and, respectively, not unions of a fracture of bone and pseudo-arthrosis are:

Pseudoarthrosis Pseudoarthrosis

These factors contribute pseudoarthrosis, however they don't cause it.

Division into the slowed-down consolidation of a fracture of bone, not union of a bone and pseudo-arthrosis is used as a basis for planning of medical process. It is necessary to highlight that the prevention is always better, than treatment!

Medical actions at fractures of bones (merging of fractures of bones) consist of a reposition, strong fixing of splinters for the entire period of accretion and the auxiliary methods of treatment (physiotherapy exercises, physical therapy, massage, etc.) directed on restoration of functional full value of the injured extremity. The word "auxiliary" doesn't reduce their importance here and in certain cases has the same importance in restoration of integrity of a bone, as well as expeditious treatment.

Fixing of splinters of a bone is reached by application of a conservative immobilization, and also operational techniques.

Merging of bones fractures by shock and wave therapy

Treatment of fractures of the shock-wave therapy Treatment of fractures of the shock-wave therapy

Now the real break of merging of fractures of bones is radial shock-wave therapy which intensively stimulates neoantiginesis (growth of new vessels — for the first time in medicine!) and osteogenesis (process of formation of a bone tissue) in the field of a fracture. Shock-wave therapy considerably accelerates healing of the long growing together fractures.

We are proud of results of successful treatment of cases of long (more than 18 months) non-unions of fractures after serious injuries. In the medical center «Awatage» shock-wave therapy is used as an independent method of acceleration of fractures healing and at the slowed-down union of changes. Sometimes there are enough three procedures to achieve formation of a bone callosity which is accurately visible in x-ray pictures (see below). It should be noted that existence of metal pins in the patient`s body isn't contraindication for carrying out shock-wave therapy in the treatment of a fracture (the slowed-down union of fractures).

In our practice ABSOLUTELY ALL the patients received a positive result – merging of bones fractures!

Fracture of a humeral bone

(example of successful treatment of the patient in the clinic «Awatage»:

formation of a bone callosity after 3 sessions of SWT)

Treatment of breaks Before treatment SWT
Treatment of breaks After three treatments SWT (started callus formation)