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Why do patients choose shock wave therapy at the Kiev medical center Awatage

Why do patients choose shock wave therapy at the Kiev medical center Awatage

Every person on our planet has their own weaknesses in health, which can bother us from time to time, but to live with which we have resigned ourselves and to which we may have even adapted well. These weaknesses in our body do not cause us sharp pains, and this is one of the reasons why we are in no hurry to get rid of them immediately. Another reason that very often stands in the way of our health is the lack of desire to carry out any medical manipulations with our body, as this can cause unpleasant physical sensations, fear at the subconscious level and other unpleasant moments. As a result, we constantly justify ourselves that we do not have time to deal with issues of our personal health.

In fact, everyone can have a fulfilling life free from chronic health problems. Thanks to the modern method of prevention and treatment using shock wave therapy, everyone has a great opportunity to get rid of the many diseases that make our life dull.

With the help of such a unique discovery as the effect of acoustic waves on the tissues of our body (both superficial and deep), scientists have learned, in the literal sense, to work miracles with our health, without the use of radical methods such as surgery and medication, not less dangerous and unpleasant.

By purposefully influencing the problem areas of the body with a shock wave therapy apparatus, the doctor gradually but steadily eliminates the cause of the problem. Photo reports of the results of the treatment carried out in our Kiev center Awatage, you can see on this site, as well as read the real reviews of our patients.

Shock wave therapy is successfully used in the treatment of diseases such as heel pain, arthrosis, all sports injuries, prostatitis, osteochondrosis, headache, migraine, cellulite and many other situations. A complete list of indications for shock wave therapy in the Awatage clinic can be found here.

Medical centers in Western countries have been using this method of treatment for a long time and, if possible, replace aggressive intervention in the patient's body with it. Therefore, in European countries, shock wave therapy is a very popular method of treatment and recovery. In Ukraine, in particular in the city of Kiev, the method is also rapidly gaining popularity, gradually approaching in popularity to the European scale of application. Recently, the well-known Institute of Cardiology in Kiev has been successfully treating coronary heart disease using a shock wave therapy unit.

You can learn more about the possibilities of using SWT by calling the numbers listed in the contacts section and signing up for a consultation with a specialist.