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How to choose a clinic

How to choose a clinic: recommendations and advice.

The most valuable thing we have been given in this life is health. Therefore, if something is wrong with our health, we must very seriously approach the choice of a clinic and specialists who we can safely trust.

The choice is always difficult, especially today, when there are a lot of medical institutions. Nevertheless, let's try to figure out what you need to know and what to look for in order to choose the right clinic.


The theater starts from the wardrobe, the clinic - from the reception

Your first contact is usually with the clinic's registry. In a good, self-respecting clinic, competent administrators work at the reception who will listen carefully and politely, advise which specialist to contact, and make an appointment at a convenient time and day.

Medical center "Awatage"

In shockwave therapy clinics, the administrator's awareness should be about more than just the list of services. This specialist must tell the patient how to properly prepare for the appointment or the prescribed examination, learn about possible contraindications, answer questions about the equipment used and the cost of services.

Nowadays, many patients appreciate the opportunity to make an appointment via the Internet. If a clinic has its own website and offers such an opportunity, this speaks only in its favor.


There must be order in the organization of the clinic

Shock wave therapy procedure using Gymna equipment (Belgium)

First of all, the clinic must keep medical records, in particular, a patient card file (including electronic). The patient's card should record the medical history, accurately record the prescribed treatment and its results.

Reception of patients should take place at the appointed time and without much delay. Of course, there are situations when you have to wait 5-10 minutes, but the so-called "live queue" and sitting outside the doctor's office for hours is a sign of poorly organized work. By definition, this cannot be in a good clinic - they value the time of both doctors and patients and try to work strictly according to the schedule.


Service cost. Is high quality expensive?

The most expensive does not always mean the highest quality and most effective.

You need to understand that the cost of shock wave treatment is approximately the same for all clinics that use equipment from well-known manufacturers from Europe (Gymna or Storz Medical). You should focus on the average market prices.

Low prices always raise the question: what did you save on?

Most often they save:

Too high prices also make you wonder whether non-medical costs are paid out of the pocket of patients - advertising, expensive furniture, high rent ...

The cost of treatment should be justified and formed in a transparent and understandable way for the patient.

To begin with, a good indicator is the fixed cost of the first visit, during which the doctor examines your problems, makes a diagnosis and makes the first appointments.

How to choose a clinic

But the fixed cost of treatment (the same for all) should alert. Let's deal with this. In shock wave therapy, for each specific disease, there is its own method - a treatment protocol, which indicates the minimum required number of acoustic shocks (impulses) per zone, their frequency and strength. The cost depends on the treatment protocol and is formed by the doctor individually for each patient. Thus, there is not and should not be one fixed price for all. Moreover, it so happens that people with the same diagnosis require different treatment protocols, which means that the cost for them will be different.


Equipment or interiors?

Agree, expensive interiors are by no means the main indicator of a good clinic. We are convinced that a medical institution should be clean, neat, beautiful, but not necessarily “luxurious”.

But the equipment, on the contrary, should be the best - modern and efficient. Here, just "exclusive" will not be superfluous. The higher the quality of the equipment, the more recognized its trade mark, the more confidence it inspires.

Belgian Gymna equipment - world leader since 1967

The palm of the world market for equipment for shock wave therapy belongs to the Belgian company Gymna (Anthem). Gymna is known for being one of the few companies that studies the effects of acoustic waves on humans and has scientific institutions in Europe. She has developed the most advanced shock wave therapy devices and treatment methods (protocols) for each disease. The company has developed a large number of nozzles - more than 20, generating different types of radial waves, which most manufacturers do not have.


A good doctor is experience + qualifications

International Conference on Shock Wave Therapy. The report of the doctors of the medical center "Awatage"

A good clinic is, first of all, good doctors. The experience of a doctor is always important, but with regard to shock wave therapy, it is of exceptional importance, since this method of treatment is relatively new for Ukraine. Therefore, try to make sure that you put your health in experienced hands.

A doctor should not only have good practice, but also constantly improve his qualifications by attending seminars, conferences and trainings. The qualifications of the doctor are evidenced by the certificates and diplomas he received.

Specialists of the Awatage medical center are organizers and participants of international and national conferences on shock wave therapy, and also teach the methodology of shock wave therapy at the P.L. Shupik National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education.


How to achieve a good result

It is very important that you develop a relationship of trust with your doctor. A good doctor will not only conduct a thorough examination of the patient, but will also kindly and patiently listen to all his complaints. Only then can he prescribe the necessary examinations and procedures. A visit to a good doctor is akin to a psychotherapy session: you leave the office with hope and confidence in a good result.

Remember that a lot depends on ourselves. A positive attitude of the patient guarantees a positive effect of the treatment.

By all parameters

Awatage Medical Center meets all the criteria for a good clinic:

Come and see for yourself.

The report of doctors of the Awatage medical center at the Institute of Traumatology on the treatment of fractures (pseudoarthrosis) with shock wave therapy