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Exercises on Evminov's profilaktor

Exercises on Evminov's profilaktor

Exercises on Evminov's profilaktor

English researchers give bad data: it appears, two thirds of inhabitants of the planet suffer from various violations and diseases of a backbone. Especially this problem becomes actual for those ones, whose age comes nearer to forty. A cause of infringement of integrity and work of a backbone is its early aging. And it is still possibly to slow down or stop these destructive processes.

Essence of a technique of occupations on Evminov's profilaktor

Basis of a technique of work on a Evminov`s profilaktor is complex of the actions directed on extension of a backbone and performance of specially developed exercises.

Indications to application of a Evminov`s profilaktor:

Contraindications to exercises on Evminov's profilaktor:

Treatment by means of Evminov's board won't slow down emergence of positive results:

Exercises on Evminov's profilaktor

Advantages of exercises on Evminov's profilaktor

Evminov`s Profilaktor is possible to use anywhere: at home, at work, in sanatorium or the medical center. Doctors of «Awatage» clinic taking into account the concrete diagnosis will make the individual program of exercises on Evminov's board. Under the leadership of the physiotherapist and LFK individual occupations on Evminov's profilaktorwill take place most effectively and restoration of a backbone will happen quicker. you will be able to carry out exercises as at in the» Awatage» clinic, and at home on an own Evminov`s boardat any convenient time.

Evminov`s board is ideally suited for occupations by other exercises from an arsenal of remedial gymnastics during extension. Similar complex exercises promote strengthening of a muscular corset that is prevention of pain in the future.

Treatment of scoliosis at children

Evminov's profilaktor Treatment of scoliosis at children

Regular professional surveys of children give bad statistics in school and preschool institutions: 70% of children suffer from these or those violations of a bearing, and 30% have scoliosis

For such children the special set of exercises for strengthening of various groups of muscles by gradual creation of a muscular corset is created. I`d particularly like to point out that exercises are carried out in a condition of unloading of a backbone to reduce possibility of its injuries and complications.

Evminov`s Profilaktor successfully competes with a technique of medical swimming where the same principle of treatment apply because it is more convenient in operation and it is also available everywhere: at home, at work, in the country.

The technique of exercises on Evminov's profilaktor got an approval of Ukrainian academy of medical sciences and it is recommended for using in treatment-and-prophylactic establishments of various profile both in sports and training halls, and on production, and at home.