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Treatment of an akhillodiniya with using shock-wave therapy in clinic «Awatage»


Treatment of an akhillodiniya with using shock-wave therapy in clinic «Awatage»

The term "akhillodiniya" designates a pain syndrome which arises owing to long inflammatory process in an Achilles tendon, or in a place of its attachment to a calcaneal bone. Pain has a long, chronic character, significantly limits mobility of the patient.

Leads a set of factors from which it is necessary to distinguish to this state:

Exchange violations and inflammatory process conduct to adjournment of calcium salts and development of cicatricial fabric in a sinew, that creates additional conditions for synchronization of a disease.

achillodynia Achillodynia

Clinic of an achillodynia

The clinic of an achillodynia isn't difficult. Its main manifestations are:

Symptoms achillodynia Symptoms achillodynia

Prevention and treatment of an akhillodiniya

Prevention of an akhillodiniya consists in the correct selection of footwear, rational dosage of physical activities on an ankle joint. it is also necessary to avoid sharp, active movements, which are able to cause an Achilles tendon traumatization. At emergence of above-mentioned signs of an akhillodiniya it is necessary to visit the doctor because the early initiation of treatment will allow to eliminate quicker and much more effectively pain immediately.

Standard treatment of an akhillodiniya includes rest of the struck area, the massage, anti-inflammatory therapy anesthetizing preparations if it is necessary, physical therapy. Short-term, however the unstable effect gives application of blockade with local anesthetics and steroid hormones. In general, possibilities of medicinal treatment of an akhillodiniya are very limited also give no results. If the expressed changes in tissues of a shin treatment are presence surgical (removal of cicatricial fabric and kaltsinat) will be prescribed.

Treatment of an akhillodiniya shock- wave therapy in the «Awatage» clinic

Today the best alternative of a surgery at treatment of an akhillodiniya and similar states is the extracorporal shock-wave therapy (SWT).

Shock wave mechanically:

Treatment achillodynia shock-wave therapy in the clinic Awatage Treatment achillodynia shock-wave therapy in the clinic Awatage

During the system influence of a shock wave blood supply and a local metabolism in muscles and sinews improves. Thereby aerobic conditions of the environment (a high saturation of oxygen) . Also there is a removal of the calcium containing salts and the other substances (promoting an inflammation and creating feeling of pain) from muscles, ligaments and sinews. Distinctive property of shock-wave therapy is lack of structural changes and scarring of soft fabrics after a course of treatment, that after carrying out surgical intervention becomes an inevitable consequence. Side effects and complications are absent, the profile of SWT safety is very high. Procedures are noninvasive, don't demand special preparation and the patient's separation from a habitual way of life. Duration of one session of shock-wave therapy is 10-15 minutes. The course of treatment of shock -wave therapy in the» Awatage» clinic consists of 5-6 sessions with an interval in 5-7 days. In the complex of shock-wave therapy we apply the Swiss V-Actor technology, which directly influences on muscles and sinews, relaxes them (you may watch video below). The effect after treatment expressed and resistant that is confirmed by data of ultrasonography in dynamics, which are noted in numerous European researches and our more than 7 years' experience of treatment in the» Awatage» clinic. Sessions of SWT will allow the patient to get rid of pain, to restore working capacity and to feel pleasure of the movement again!