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5th International Medical Forum in Kiev. Reports of doctors of the medical center "Awatage"

международный медицинский форум в киеве

5th International Medical Forum in Kiev. Reports of doctors of the medical center "Awatage"

The International Medical Forum is a medical event in Ukraine, which includes the 3 International Medical Congress, in which representatives from 20 countries participate, more than 50 scientific and practical events, 600 speakers of health experts. The International Medical Forum includes numerous scientific and practical conferences, seminars, lectures, round tables, courses on professional retraining and advanced training of doctors, as well as an exhibition of medical equipment and materials for medicine. The International Medical Forum is attended by 140 medical associations, public associations, social funds, 15 higher medical educational institutions, 3 medical academies of postgraduate education (NMAPE, KhMAPO, ZMAPO), 150 specialized publications from Ukraine, the CIS and abroad, 360 specialized Internet resources.

Международный медицинский форум семинар

The scientific and practical program of the Congress included a Seminar on shock wave therapy "Shockwave Kiev 2014". The event was organized by the Rekhaflex company (Kiev, Ukraine) and the Awatage medical center.

The reports of the doctors of the Awatage medical center were presented at the forum.

Seminar program "Shockwave Kiev 2014"

аппараты ударно-волновой терапии Шторы Медикал

1. Biological effects of shock wave therapy, Yu.K. Remenyuk, Awatage Medical Center.

2. Neurological indications for shock wave therapy, speaker MV Sikorskaya, Awatage Medical Center.

ударно-волновая терапия медицинский форум

3. Application of shock wave therapy in aesthetic medicine and dermatology, online conference, Wegener Catherine (Switzerland).

ударно-волновая терапия в дерматологии

4. Application of SWT in orthopedics and traumatology, master class of orthopedist-traumatologist El-Zammar FF, medical center "Awatage".

 ударно-волновая терапия в травматологии ударно-волновая терапия в травматологии