Treatment of back pain and lower back

Shock wave therapy in the area of neurology and arthritis treatment, contractures, back and lower back pains.

Лечение артозов артритов контрактур ударно-волновой терапией киев

Treatment of a shoulder pain with a help of the shock-wave therapy

Treatment of a shoulder pain. Shock wave therapy is a cutting-edge and painless method which is effective in 70% – 99% of cases, including the treatment of shoulder pain. SWT treatment method is non-invasive (no surgery), and therefore is the most popular and widely used.

Medical Center «Awatage» is one of the few clinics in which shock waves applied in the treatment of the list of diseases in the field of neurology. Over the years of successful practice experts have compiled a list of diseases (indications for using SWT), in which shock waves are the most effective treatment. Unquestionable efficacy is observed in the treatment of:

All the methods of treatment with using the shock waves are recommended by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, they are widely used in Europe and in the medical center «Awatage» under supervision.

Treatment of neurological disorders (arthritis, contractures)

Лечение артрозов артритов методом УВТ

Treatment of osteoarthritis by SWT

Treatment of the neurological pathologies is produced on the vehicle Masterpuls 200 the Swiss firm Storz Medical, which is the most modern among competitors in the area of SWT. This vehicle is oriented to the wide base of application, that testifies not only about its functionality but also powers on the whole. He allows to manage successfully with many diseases in the area of, in particular treatment of arthrosiss neurology and its varieties.

The specifics of the treatment of neurological diseases in the medical center «Awatage» are unique patented technique by which the shock waves are selectively while leaving healthy cells intact, inflamed, on the contrary, under the influence of shock wave collapse, healthy cells grow in their place.

The dynamics of pain after treatment by extracorporeal shock wave therapy has a characteristic feature: the treatment is done on an outpatient basis, the number of sessions established by the specialist individually in accordance with the stage and severity of the disease.

Read more about the specifics of the treatment at the medical center Avantage you available in the section site “Patients”.

Literature and videos about SWT from the treatment of neurology