Orthopedic insoles

Orthopedic insoles

Individual orthopedic insoles to order in KievIndividual orthopedic insoles to order in Kiev

Therapeutic and prophylactic orthotics

Individual orthopedic insoles to order

Flatfoot: Implications

Individual orthopedic insoles to order in Kiev.They are intended to correct the arches of the foot for the prevention and treatment of longitudinal-transverse flatfoot, reducing of pain in osteoarthritis, bursitis, heel spurs, corns, reducing the impact load on the leg joints and spine.

Insoles necessarily recommended for people suffering from plantar fasciitis (heel spur), diseases in the ankle and hip joints. With the age due to pathological position of the joints occurs gradual deformation, which affects the state of cartilage tissue, which in turn may cause in the future arthrosis. Through improper weight distribution begins to suffer not only cartilage, but also the muscles that are constantly under stress, supporting our skeleton. Average, at first glance, flat may cause serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system in the future, including the spine. Individual orthopedic insoles produced by a plaster cast of your foot is performed as a preventive function and healing properly distributing the weight of the body.

Who and why needs orthopedic insoles?

Certain relief, which has individual orthotics to order, has a therapeutic effect. Using individual orthopedic insoles is not only for the prevention and treatment of all forms of flatfoot – transverse, longitudinal, and other illnesses of the musculoskeletal system and feet.
The fact that flat is a flattened arches of the foot. Because of this, the foot cannot perform its basic function – spring. With the help of the arch the foot dampens shock loads during walking, running, jumping.

Individual orthopedic insoles to order in Kiev

Individual orthopedic insoles to order in Kiev

While the arches of the foot flattened shock moved to these joints, which were later exposed to pathological changes. Besides the pivot point on the foot also changes. Normally, there are three: metatarsal tubercle, the area of the first and fourth metatarsophalangeal joints. When flattening of the arches of the foot the pivot point changes, it leads to the development of corns, plantar fascia tension and development of fasciitis (chronic pain in the heel), the emergence of the foot arthritic joints.

Given all the above, treatment and prevention of flat feet is prevention of diseases of the legs and spine joints from degenerative disc disease to scoliosis, pelvic disease like koksoartroz, sakroielit, disease of the knee, foot diseases and various pain in the back, legs.Treatment of children flatfoot is only possible, adult flatfoot can only be paused and prevent its further development, reduce the consequences. Therefore, individual orthotics custom must be sought and implemented in a timely manner.

Treatment of flatfoot using orthopedic insoles.

Individual orthopedic insoles to order in Kiev

Problems causing flat

Individual orthopedic insoles (foot orthoses, honey.) are used for the following diseases:

Individual orthopedic insoles help to correct distribution of the load on the foot, so that you can avoid problems with the spine and overvoltage of the hip joints, joints of the lower extremities.

Heel spurs. Сustom of individual orthopedic insoles helps to redistribute the load to the various departments of the foot, reducing pressure on the build-up to prevent further development of spurs and you will be able to walk without pain.

Bumps on the feet are often found in women during wearing shoes with high heels and a sharp nose. Orthopedic insoles will relieve the pain and act as a preventive measure.

Diabetic foot is observed in diabetic patients with inflammatory conditions of the foot, changing the structure of the ankle joint and flat feet. Orthopedic insoles are recommended to mitigate the load and improve microcirculation stop, especially if they are made of special material for orthopedics.

Gout. Individual orthopedic insoles are recommended to reduce the load on the affected joints in people suffering from gout.

Custom of individual orthopedic insoles is recommended, not only for those who has the flat feet, but also to all those who care about the health of their own feet and their children` legs.

At constant wearing of individual orthopedic insoles blood circulation improves, reduces fatigue feet, reduces swelling.

What is the individual insoles?

Orthopedic insoles are common and individual. Conventional mass-produced for the average foot. But foot is as unique as a fingerprint man!The product which was made from a template does not fit for everybody, as the same foot does not happen. custom of individual orthopedic insoles allows to take into account features of your body: the weight, the structure of the foot, foot deformities while driving. Individual insole can be adjusted gradually bringing the foot in the correct position, or change the form taking into account the growth of the foot. individually made orthopedic insoles can eliminate pain in the heel, feet, legs, back in diseases of the musculoskeletal system and prevent injury during active going in for sports.

Individual orthopedic insole from a cast

Individual orthopedic insoles to order in Kiev

Individual orthopedic insoles can not be bought ready in an orthopedic salon or pharmacy, they can be made to order for your foot only. There are many manufacturing techniques for imprinting of your foot. We remove the imprint of your foot with the help of plaster bandages. This technique has many advantages:

  • The procedure is simple,
  • only a specialist can make the cast. A doctor in the area of orthopedic and trauma
  • it allows to correct the foot elements during the impression taking on the foot of the patient, which is very important.

Who should use individual insoles?

For almost everyone, but especially for children, pregnant women and those who are actively goes in for sports. According to the statistics, 75% of children 5-6 years have ploskovalgusnuyu installation feet, and to 25-30 years in 95% of the people are very distinct deformation of the musculoskeletal system.

Which shoe insoles can be worn with?

At any: everyday, sports, and even the home. This is achieved by the minimum thickness of individual insoles. Unlike leather ones, our insoles are easy to clean without losing its functional properties and have a long service life.

Who and how manufactures customized insoles?

Formation of orthopedic insoles includes three stages:

1. Personal communication with the patient in order to obtain an overview of the problems associated with existing abnormalities of the musculoskeletal system.

During the consultation our doctors occur underlying causes which resulted the number of available changes (heel spurs, corns, “bone”, joint pain and back pain, swelling), and plantography is also held. Plantography is “picture” of your foot, with the help of which the state codes foot and footholds is defined.

Individual orthopedic insoles

Individual orthopedic insoles to order in Kiev

2. Once diagnosed, the doctor has an individual mold of your foot. Upon receipt of the cast, we use a plaster bandage. This method of obtaining the cast is the most correct, because the doctor makes his own hands directly on your foot, taking into account all the features of its structure and the detected strain or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

3. Custom-made with using a cast of orthopedic insoles of materials by the company Ortofutwhich are created specifically for orthopedics, leaders in this field by the German company Otto Bock. The materials used are made of different density on the surface of the insole is laid out a special soft material, which has a good heat and air, which is also important for people suffering from vascular diseases of the feet. It is important to know that all insoles are hand-made master prosthetist company Ortofut Oleg Blazhievskim (see video below), and fully take into account the individual features of your foot`s structure.

As a result, we obtain the finished insole. Insole made by Ortofut is worn well, fit into any shoes, cleaned and practically is not subjected to deformation, so it has a long service life.

Only with using of individual manufacture of orthopedic insoles, you will get individual foot orthoses, which will have a therapeutic effect for your feet.