Patients about SWT

Patients about SWT

What is shockwave?

The shock wave in the explosion of the volcano

The shock wave in the explosion of the volcano

If we open any physics textbook, we will be surprised to find that the concept of “shock wave” refers to the section of physics explosition. When physicists began to study phenomena which occurs during powerful explosions, they selected their powerful supersonic high-energy component, which was designated as a shock wave. What is a shock wave, what is the impact it has on the body, damaging or, conversely, creating what is its relationship with medicine, and what does it have to do with traumatology and orthopedics? We will try to answer these and many questions.

Thus, the shock wave (SW) – this is an area of ??highly compressed medium (gas, liquid, or solid), which extends in all directions from its source of origin at supersonic speed with a sharp anterior border (the shock front). Shock front separates the unperturbed medium from medium to high pressure, density, speed and temperature. There can be many sources of a shock wave, in particular, are powerful explosions and electrical discharges, intense burning in a rocket nozzle, supersonic airplanes, etc. In fact, these sources of shock waves have striking effects on the body, often leading to his death. But even the destructive action of the shock wave`s high power found its application in the area of urology. It is a fragmentation of biological stones in the renal pelvis, ureter, named as Remote shock-wave lithotripsy.

What are the effects of the shock wave?

Local impact of the low intensity shock waves (simply the shock wave – SW) has the opposite effect on the body. It is the creating effect, which can be compared with a deep penetrating massage. In fact, those shock waves, which are used for therapeutic purposes in medicine, have sufficiently low pressure in the shock front and therefore close to the characteristics of mechanical acoustic waves.

So what happens with our fabrics with using of such exposure?

With the passage of the wave front of the shock wave a sharp contraction of soft tissue happens under the influence of high pressure in the area of, high density and high speed spread, followed by a dilution zone (stretching) of our tissue which is accompanied by the phenomenon of cavitation, it is the formation of microscopic bubbles filled with vapor of the liquid. Abrupt slamming of such bubbles in the normalization of pressure in the tissues is accompanied by the release of energy. The kinetic energy of the wave is converted into thermal energy. In simple terms, there is a soulful shaking, stimulation – compression-decompression area of ??influence, which is accompanied by the release of heat. The body’s response to the effects of standard – this reflex inflow of arterial blood (angiotrofichesky effect), adequate venous drainage and lymph flow. Every organ, tissue, cell in our body is controlled by the autonomic nervous system, which, like networks, envelops all the vessels that carry nutrients and oxygen. She has to decide (through the central nervous system, of course), to what extent provide vital nutrition into a particular area of ??the body with the help of the constriction-dilation.

The impact of the shock wave on the nervous system, including the autonomic provokes the second important effect – neurotrophic. And the area of ??the body that lacked the blood flow for any reason, or was in a state of spasm, hypertonicity, or was in a vicious state due to the development of functionally useless scar, fibrous, sclerotic tissue under the influence of shock wave changes its structure (becomes more elastic) due to the resumption of microcirculation and neurostimulation . Going into details, there is an effect of a deep penetrating massage. After these two main effects observed mediated: analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antiedematous stimulating regenerative processes and the formation of the microcirculatory network (angiogenesis).

Shock waves contribute to:

  • Improving of blood circulation in the application of SWT (during the procedure up to 40 times);
  • Reducing or getting rid of pain;
  • A dramatic increase in the protective functions of the immune system in place vozdeytviya UHT;
  • The collapse of calcified fibroblasts, bone spurs, fibrotic foci and the gradual absorption of their fragments;
  • The release of endorphins, which have the ability to reduce pain;
  • Improving of the sustainability of tendons and ligaments to further injury and physical activities;
  • Improving of mobility in the affected part of the body;
  • Increasing and diffusing of cytokines that limit the development of inflammation, providing intercellular communication through the walls of blood vessels, which speeds up the healing process;
  • Germination in the field of new procedures ` impact microvessels (neangeogenez .it has been proven by clinical studies Mariotto, Italy, 2005; Oi, Nishida, Shimokawa, Japan, 2008), which improves tissue nutrition and persistent pain reduction.

What side effects observed in UHT?

Main only two, and they are impermanent (individual):

  • during the course of SWT it is possible in some cases, a temporary increasing of pain, which depends solely on the strength and intensity of exposure and individual susceptibility of patients;
  • after the procedure, the formation of redness and intradermal superficial hematomas, which depends on the individual patients` constitution (sensitive skin, “fragile vessels”) and intensity of exposure.

These effects, as a rule, pass in a 1 – 3 days.

Many wonder whether the SWT procedure is painful. In some cases, due to individual characteristics of the procedure is quite noticeable and sometimes it can be painful a little. This compares with a good deep penetrating massage: where the fingers of the masseur can not reach, the shock wave strikes.

How many procedures must be course of treatment?

Therapy varies from 3 to 7 – 10 sessions on the average – 5 treatments. Traditionally, the minimum number of procedures during which long lasting effect may appear is three procedures. But the number of procedures in each case is individually. If the patient has a pain syndrome was arrested for 1 – 2 procedures (we had such cases), then making them more is useless.

How often perform the procedure?

Effect of SW has a prolonged (elongated) effect, so the process of normalization under the influence of the disturbed flow in the tissues of an average of at least four days. Therefore, the procedure should be repeated at 4 – 7 days, but not earlier.

In addition, the therapeutic properties of the shock wave, which were described above continue to have a positive effect on the healing process and getting rid of the disease for several months (1 – 2 and 4 – 6) after the end of therapy. Many patients, particularly in middle and old age mark secondary beneficial effects, such as the normalization of blood pressure, significant improvement in mental and emotional state, vigor and overall energized.

What are the contraindications for shock wave therapy?

There are some contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • cancer in the proposed procedure;
  • acute infectious diseases;
  • if the patient has a pacemaker;
  • state associated with the violation of blood coagulation and increased fragility of the vascular wall;
  • area of the skull (with the exception of the temporomandibular joint), intestines, main (large) vessels.

What determines the price the course of treatment shock waves?

The price of a session is formed in each case individually, but before you acquaint with the price list, you need to understand what factors have influence on its formation.

First of all, they are:

  • the number of beats on the corresponding part of the body (established methods of SWT);
  • SWT number of sessions (on average 5-7, but significant improvements can be observed even after one session);
  • disease that is treated with using of SWT, its stage, the patient’s age, which is dependent on the rate of metabolism and tissue regeneration.

The price list shows the cost based on established standards of SWT session with the developed techniques. But every person is different, then the approach to treatment is individual and methodology is flexible. A person does not adjusts to the method, and vice versa the method adjusts to humans. And our main task is helping the body cope with the disease, taking into account its features.

What doctors conducted a session SWT?

In the medical center “Awatage” consultation for patients and performing of shock wave therapy procedures are performed by orthopedic trauma doctor, neurologist, physiatrist. If it is necessary, we will invite or recommend doctors from other areas of medicine. Our experts have more than 7 years of experience in the application of shock waves in medicine at the offices of the Swiss company Storz Medical. Regular exchange of experiences with doctors from Germany and Switzerland, taking part in the annual international seminars devoted to shock wave therapy, ensures a high level of application of SWT techniques.

Our medical center has a very important advantage – we have not only one of the best SWT devices developed by the Swiss company Storz Medical (a separate line in the group of companies Karl Storz, which deal exclusively with the study of shock waves), but also have the knowledge of correcting its application!