Treatment of osteoarthritis with using shock wave therapy

Treatment of osteoarthritis with using shock wave therapy


лечение артрозов киев

Osteoarthritis: Symptoms and Treatment

(newlat. osteoarthritis, from the Greek. – bone – joint synonyms: osteoarthritis deformans (OAD), arthritis, arthrosis deformans) – dystrophic diseases of joints, the result of which is degeneration (destruction) of the articular cartilage.


There are primary and secondary osteoarthritis. In the event of primary osteoarthritis plays the role of damaging ofthe articular cartilage trauma, static overload (excess weight), long non-uniform load (spinal scoliosis, flat foot), genetic predisposition. Secondary osteoarthritis appears as a results of previous joint diseases: chronic arthritis, osteochondropathy, congenital dysplasia, recurrent hemarthrosis (hemophilia), and others.


лечение артроза ударно-волновой терапией


In the genesis of osteoarthritis leading place in chondrocytes damage, lost of cartilage elasticity of the of hairline cracks and penetrating through them into the cartilage of some enzymes of synovial fluid. This, together with the destruction of cartilage regeneration occurs it is often uneven and excessive, and changes with the growth of bone subcartilaginous marginal osteophytes, synovial fibrosis, multiple sclerosis and shrinkage of the joint capsule. Sometimes there is a reactive synovitis due to irritation of the synovium pieces of necrotic cartilage.

The symptoms of osteoarthritis

The disease is manifested by pain in the joints while driving, loads and weather changes, stiffness after the rest. Sometimes it is the deformation of the affected joints.

Treatment of osteoarthritis

Nowadays, medicine treats arthritis conservatively or using surgery (joint replacement), when conservative treatment is not effective.
Conservative treatment of osteoarthritis.
The purpose of conservative treatment of primary osteoarthritis is restoration of blood flow in the tissues of the affected joint, restoring of the cartilage structure. Therapy should be integrated. In the initial stages the drug therapy is used, methods of physiotherapy, exercise therapy. In advanced stages, namely at 4 stages of arthritis, and in some cases, with 3 stages of osteoarthritis conservative methods are ineffective and the only way is operation – replacement of a joint by prosthesis. Tools of microcirculatory effects are applied to restore microcirculation system, because these vessels are channel allocators of blood directly into the tissue.

Shock wave therapy in the treatment of arthritis

лечение артрозов ударно-волновой терапией

Treatment of arthritis shock wave therapy

We see that for 1 – 3 stages of osteoarthritis SWT method provides remission for a long time, sometimes up to 3-4 years, due to the unique properties of this method contribute to the formation of new blood vessels (angiogenesis), improving of metabolism and tissue regeneration in the place of impact and as a result it enhances the regeneration of cartilage tissue after injuries and degenerative processes. Previously used to improve circulation are a number of medications that have a large list of side, sometimes adverse effects. Who is harmless and effective alternative to drug therapy Osteoarthritis is radial shock wave therapy, which, among the other things, has a powerful painkiller effect. In our medical center more than 80% of patients with osteoarthritis were satisfied with the result of the SWT treatment method and completely stopped further medical treatment due to the lack of necessity.

In addition to the treatment of osteoarthritis, it is necessary to pay attention to nutrition, normalization of metabolism and weight loss. Overweight is an additional stress on the joints. For food joints it is better to get vitamins from food, and we may add a multivitamin and trace elements, such as B vitamins, it is only the individual and the most difficult to get from food. You can not underestimate the importance of physical therapy, as well as the maintenance of physical fitness in the future. We have developed special programs to maintain the joints in sufficient physical form as in middle-aged and elderly patients.
At 3 – 4 stages of osteoarthritis, we apply this method symptomatic (relieve the symptoms of the disease using the method, which is similar to medical) or preoperative preparation with prosthetic joint.

The result of frozen shoulder treatment with using shock-wave therapy in the clinic «Awatage»

Shock wave therapy

One of the most popular services in the center «Awatage» are treatment such diseases as cellulitis, heel spurs, arthritis, shoulder pain, prostatitis.