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ShockWave UA 2019 shock wave therapy conference invitation

ShockWave UA 2019 shock wave therapy conference invitation Medical Center “Awatage” informs that in October 2019 in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk will be held the 18th All-Ukrainian Congress of Orthopedic and Traumatologists. After the congress, on October 11, 2019, the annual shock wave therapy conference ShockWave UA 2019 will be[...]

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Treatment of breaks

Treatment of breaks Most breaks of bones are treated for 4-6 months at least, radiological signs of the progressing union are defined on series of roentgenograms. If the change to this term didn’t begin to live, we would sum up the slowed-down consolidation or bad merging of a bones` fracture.[...]

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Heel spur

Heel spurs. Symptoms and treatment at the clinic «Awatage». Heel spurs is bony growths in the form of a thorn in the heel bone, usually on its plantar surface, at least in the point of attachment of the tendon of Achilles tendon to the heel bone. When the patient has[...]

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Treatment of osteoarthritis with using shock wave therapy

Osteoarthritis (newlat. osteoarthritis, from the Greek. – bone – joint synonyms: osteoarthritis deformans (OAD), arthritis, arthrosis deformans) – dystrophic diseases of joints, the result of which is degeneration (destruction) of the articular cartilage. Etiology. There are primary and secondary osteoarthritis. In the event of primary osteoarthritis plays the role of[...]

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Model Anastasiya Marchenko, I realized her dream with the clinic Awatage

Famous Ukrainian model Anastasia Marchenko realized her dream of becoming the leading model of the world famous modeling agency Elite Model Look and entered the top 40 models of the world. Through the procedures of shock-wave therapy equipment on the Swiss company Storz Medical clinic “Awatage” Anastasia Marchenko just three[...]

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Shock-wave therapy at a congress of traumatologists in Kiev

Shock-wave therapy at a congress of traumatologists in Kiev On December 18-19, 2015 in  the Kiev  Central military hospital of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine  annual scientific and practical session “Introduction of scientific development in practice of health protection 2015 ″ took place. Firstly in Ukraine the method of[...]

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