About us

About us

ударно-волновая терапия киев

Main question for  those ones, who  revealed  an ailment was where  it was possible to get rid of it.  There are more than 10 clinics in Kyiv, which offer a treatment with using shock-wave therapy and their amount grows everyday, as well as popularity of the method.

Choosing from the variety is a difficult task. In spite of it, there are objective items knowledge of which will help to be independently orientated to everyone. About that, how to do a correct choice,you can read in our article.

“Awatage” is a medical center of shock-wave therapy in Kyiv. Modern shock-wave therapy is effective at treatment more than 50 diseases. Our specialists have a large experience in application of Swiss company`s Storz Medical methodology of shock-wave therapy. We are specialized on treatment of diseases in sphere of traumatology, orthopaedy, neurology, urology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine. Shock-wave therapy, which is developed by the world famous Swiss company Shtorch Medical is a medical center “Awatage” in Kyiv.

  • Acoustic wave is an invisible scalpel for removing calcifications and fibrous accumulations.
  • The future of medicine is treatment without operations, medicines and side effects.
  • Quality of treatment with using Switzerland technologies.
  • Learn the alternative, feel the result to become healthy.
  • Visible and protracted success of treatment is a result of medical approach.
  • Making of individual orthopaedic insoles

Our advantages

1. Seven years of experience using the Swiss shock wave therapy apparatus .

2. Official collaboration and exchanging of experience with institutes in Switzerland and Germany

3. Presence of our own unique methods of acoustic waves application due to many years of experience.

4. Regular confirmed participating in home and international conferences devoted to shock-wave therapy.

5. More than 7,000 of grateful patients who have discovered the shock-wave therapy for themselves.


ударно-волновая терапия киев