Treatment of prostatitis with using the shock-wave therapy

Historically traced circumstance that shock-wave therapy came in medicine exactly from urology. It was the all known crushing of stones in buds or urinary bladder by means of influence of ultrasound (lithotripsy is a “gold” standard in treatment of urolithiasis). The specialists of medical center Аwatage for years of practice successfully apply the sock-wave therapy method for the treatment of disease of prostate gland and erectile disfunction. Not secret, that similar disease affects negatively on all functions of men` organism:

  • Sexual;
  • Genital;
  • Hormonal;
  • Urinary.

Fortunately, nowadays the efficiency of shock-wave therapy method (SWT) in treatment of uninfectious (stagnant) prostatitis, erectile disfunction and syndrome of chronic pelvic pain and almost 100% arrives at in most cases helps to get rid from illnesses and conduct the valuable healthy way of life after 2-3 sessions.

To hold back about the complications at treatment of diseases in the area of urology does not make any sense. First of all, they are frequently caused by that during the medicamental treatment medicinal preparations do not give the expected effect, does not allow to get rid from the stagnant phenomena in organs and improving of blood circulation is one of the main reasons of diseases origin of prostate and erectile disfunction. It should be remembered about the large list of side effects from the regular acceptance of medications, in a difference from the shock-wave therapy, where in the result of treatment unfavorable consequences can be temporal erubescences and haematomas in the place of influence.

Treatment of prostatitis by the shock-wave therapy

Treatment of non-infectious prostatitis (including chronic and calculous) is carried out by specialists of the medical center «Awatage» with using the Swiss shock wave therapy machine invented by the company Storz Medical. It should be noted, the medical center «Awatage» does not diagnose the disease in the area of urology, and carries out treatment on the basis of previously established urologist disease.

prostatitis treatment with using of the SWT

Prostatitis treatment with using of the SWT

Treatment of prostatitis by shock wave therapy is very effective and in our practice is almost 100% of the results, so this method can be used as monotherapy (treatment solely by SWT) or in combination with other treatments, which appointed by an urologist.

The number of sessions required to treat the diseases by SWT average varies from 4 to 7 (depending on the patient’s age and severity of the disease), each of which occupies no more than 15-20 minutes. The interval between sessions is 5 – 7 days. The procedure is performed without penetration into the internal organs of the patient and without damaging the skin.

Pain and discomfort during the treatment of prostatitis by the shock wave therapy in most cases goes almost immediately due to making the blood circulation better during the procedure up to 40 times! After the treatment, the patient gets rid of the symptoms of prostatitis and returns to the normal life.

With using of shock waves some effects observed, which are characteristic for all human tissues, which are influenced by the acoustic wave, in particular:

  • removal of the stagnant occurrence due to sprouting of new blood vessels (angiogenesis is an innovation in medicine!). SWT is the only method that causes the growth of new capillaries which carry blood to the extra penis prostate or in the places where there are painful lesions, and, as a consequence, improves blood and lymph flow in general, eliminates congestion in the prostate and restores the metabolism;
  • disappearance of fibrosis is the underlying cause of pain and stagnant processes. Under the influence of the acoustic wave fibrosis “resolves”;
  • non-surgical removal of stones in the prostate (prostatitis with calculous). Acoustic wave, as well as the crushing of stones in the kidney, destroys calculous formation in the prostate. During the treatment stones dissolve and painlessly remove from the body naturally.

The number of patients who are satisfied with the result of the prostatitis treatment in the medical center Avatazh is 100% and it is one of the highest efficiency of the shock wave therapy method. SWT method had worked well in the treatment of patients of all ages. We have successfully treated patients who have lost all hope of recovery. Even patients with “long-term” prostatitis after the second or third treatment reported significant improvement by the end of the course there had been almost complete absence of thereof symptoms. The healing process, which “run” in the body due to the shock-wave therapy continues for at least 6 months. It is a prolonged effect of treatment.

Prostatitis treatment with using the shock wave therapy is a very successful method for without drugs, painful massages, long-term and multiple fizprotsedur. SWT returns man healthy lifestyle in a very short time.

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